Canon is one of the known Printer Brand in the world.  In this blog, we talk about Canon printers, How to Setup Canon Printer without CD. Like all other brands, Canon Printer comes with a CD  that helps you to set up your Canon Printer. Most of the Printer users Prefer to set up their printer through online or USB Cable, but some of them prefer to set up their Canon Printer with the help of CD. Here we teach you how to set up Canon Printer through Canon IJ setup. But before we started it we give you some instructions that help you to resolve some common errors while you setup their Canon Printer. First of all, make sure that your printer is WIFi enabled or not. If it's not then we are using USB Cables to set up Canon Printer.

Nowadays Printer plays the most important role in our lives. No matter where you are Office or at Home, Printer is useful both places. Canon is the most valuable brand in the printer industries. In this section, we are talking about Canon Printer set up through Canon ij set up. Sometimes you are facing very irritating types of issues. You do a lot of things to fix these problems, but you can't fix them, but sometimes they need simple solutions like Canon ij setup.

If you are already using a Canon Printer and facing some common errors like Paper jam, not connected, etc. Follow these steps to set up your canon printer:

1. Connection between Canon Printer and WiFi Network: It should be as easy as pie once you follow these steps:

Connect to your printer with power supply.

(a) Press the power button that given on your Canon Printer.

(b) After that press the setting icon and then press arrow icon when the printer shows device setting, press ok.

(c) Click on the arrow button until you see LAN Settings, and then press OK.

(d) Click on the arrow icon until you go to wireless LAN setup, and then press OK.

 After that step your Canon printer will start searching for Wifi network, in the meanwhile, the light will be blinking.

(f) If your printer WiFi searching process takes too long, you can click on Stop icon, and then the wireless printer setup page appears. Press OK.

(g) Click on the arrow icon until you find your Wifi network, and then press OK.

(h) And the final step is here, Enter your password for the Wifi (Enter passphrase) and click OK.

Click on the OK button again, When the screen says Connected.

Now your printer is set up to wireless. Now the time is the second most important step is to connect your Canon printer to your desktop or laptop. After that steps canon ij setup done.

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2. Add the Wireless Canon Printer to your Desktop or Laptop: Follow these steps to connect your Canon Printer with your Desktop or Laptop.

(a) Press the Windows logo key with the R button at the same time on your device Keyboard. Then copy "control /name Microsoft.devices and printers” and paste on that box on appearing on your computer screen.

(b) Hit on Add Printer icon, that appears on the top left of your device screen.

(c) After that, your device searching for the printer while your printer appears on the search bar, click on it.

(d) The process of connecting your printer with your device through Canon IJ set up is completed. now you can test your printer.

3. What to do If you facing some weird issue with your Canon printer: In this step, we discussed some common problems while you connect a Canon Printer with your computer.

(a) error notifications pop up randomly

(b) it won’t even print at all, etc.

If your Canon Printer shows these error then you have to reinstall your Canon Printer Driver and Software. and you have to need the Canon ij setup. If you downloaded your printer Driver or Software then update them. Sometimes these problems show because of an older version of Driver.

Here is some major problem of Canon ij setup. Through the printer control panel, you can quickly address printer problems. Sometimes when you face various issues with your Canon printer, one of the most effective solutions is ij setup canon com printer. It returns the printer to the default factory settings after a power reset. First of all, we are talking about those issues when you need to ij setup your printer. 

1. Paper Jam: Sometimes when you in a hurry and want to some important work on your printer and suddenly you facing paper jam issue. You can quickly solve this error. Sometimes you can solve this error to doing a power reset your printer.

2. Ink Cartridge Replacement: When your ink cartridge is empty, and you need to refill this. After refilling, when you fix the cartridge sometimes you can't print even your ink cartridge is full. In that time you have to do a power reset.

3. Random Technical Glitches: Random technical glitches like ghost jam, driver problem, not printing, etc. all of these errors solved easily with the help of power reset.

You can face all of these issues when you want to print something. ther is one solution for all of these problems. you have to power reset your Canon printer. after power reset, wait for five minutes and restart your printer and print something to check your printer error.  

 Now your printer settings are like the default factory, and as a new printer, it will work. If you do the above steps, your Canon printer will remove any default errors. If you get failed or stuck somewhere while following these steps, contact our qualified technical engineers immediately. They will give you a practical solution to your query.

I hope this article will help you in installing and downloading as well as fixing your canon printer problems. If you still have any issue related to Canon ij setup, then you can reach our technical support team to help you out.

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