The International Cricket Council has not just rejected Mahendra Singh Dhoni's solicitation for wearing keeping gloves which had a blade emblem yet in addition denied West Indies opener Chris Gayle consent to utilize 'Universe Boss' logo on his bat. 

In the two cases the ICC refered to gear guideline infringement. 

Gayle, a self broadcasted 'Universe Boss', had mentioned the ICC to permit him use it for his bat marking however he was educated that he can't utilize any dress or wearing hardware for individual messages. 

"ICC couldn't have made a special case for Dhoni as no close to home messages are permitted on gear. Gayle needed it yet when he was rejected consent, he acknowledged it and proceeded onward," a source aware of the advancement told PTI on states of obscurity. Discussing Dhoni, the authority stated, "It isn't about military imagery. It is about a basic guideline that no close to home messages are permitted. On the off chance that ICC did not make a special case for Gayle, at that point why they would make it for Dhoni." It has additionally been discovered that even harmless messages or emoticons are not permitted on hardware. 

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"Tomorrow, Moeen Ali will again demand for wearing a 'Free Palestine' wristband which is a direct political message. We didn't permit it at that point and we won't permit it now. You won't be even permitted to have a word like 'love' emblazoned on the hardware," the source included. 

The ICC enabled the Indian group to wear disguise tops as of late during a global match against Australia since it was a reciprocal arrangement. 

"A formal solicitation was made by the BCCI as they needed to utilize the match as a store raiser for the casualties of the Pulwama fear assault. In reciprocal arrangement, ICC enables groups to do philanthropy. Much the same as the 'Pink Test' in Australia for the Jane McGrath establishment that chips away at bosom malignancy mindfulness," the source additionally included. 

It has been discovered that Dhoni is yet to get any official censure from the ICC for the South Africa game, during which his green gloves had blade symbol. 

According to rules, in the event that he sports the symbol again in any of the matches, he would initially be cautioned and afterward face money related punishments of 25, 50 and 75 percent of match charges for each transgression.

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