For the game against Bangladesh, India dropped their lone normal top-request batsman with a strike rate higher than 100; one with a normal of 43.24 for sure. Notwithstanding, it didn't come as an astonishment to most investigators that Kedar Jadhav was forgotten. After every one of India's last couple of center request disappointments, his place had been under investigation. While Jadhav's numbers are great, the issue is that he is a cricketer in decrease. This winds up clear whether we take a gander at his combined batting normal and strike rate through the course of his vocation. 

Both topped amidst 2017, by which time he had played 15 innings for India. A few months after the fact came what was perhaps Jadhav's most prominent accomplishment in an India shirt: batting with a torn hamstring, he helped win the Asia Cup in September. 

Since January this year, Jadhav's vocation strike rate has gone down each opportunity he turned out to bat. His normal has held up, however that can be ascribed to batting drop down the request due to which he remains not out a huge level of the time. In his last five innings, for instance, Jadhav has been not out multiple times. 

Another method for accommodating Jadhav's terrific insights with the absence of shock at his being dropped is to put the numbers in setting. Jadhav began his ODI vocation in 2017, a lot later than the other ordinary individuals from India's top request. Taking into account that normal ODI scores have been going up throughout the years, it is normal that Jadhav would have a higher strike rate than others. 

Additionally, we have to mull over when Jadhav comes in to bat. By and large, that occurs in the 30th over of the innings. Since 2015, India have started quickening around the 35th over, a lot sooner than the remainder of the ODI groups. As such, by and large Jadhav begins batting either in the trudge overs or just before them. Again we would anticipate that him should score quicker than his partners who bat higher up the request. 

Getting dropped amidst a noteworthy competition as a rule doesn't forecast well for a player's vocation. There is a particular possibility that Jadhav may not play ODIs once more. In the event that that will be the situation, he may end his profession with a batting normal more than 40 and strike rate more than 100.

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