As we step into the 5G period, Huawei clearly observed this suitable time and thus has chosen to step forward by propelling the new Huawei VR Glass at a gathering in China. VR glasses, which brings a lighter VR experience. The savvy glass is flimsy and light in weight. 

Huawei VR Glass completely considers the style feeling of the item while guaranteeing the item experience. The outside of the glasses utilizes optical covering innovation to upgrade the surface metallic brilliance. The mirror material is chosen from the leader nano-surface handling innovation. Simultaneously, the glasses utilize a quiet dark, passing on a relaxed style. 

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The gadget accompanies an arrangement with twofold speaker and Smart PA support and is made out of a versatile (and attractive) body intended to fit ergonomically. Huawei VR Glass can bolster the most extreme goals of 2K (3200 x 1600 pixels), with a thickness of 1058 PPI. 

The customary VR head is huge in size and can undoubtedly put a weight on the client. From the plan perspective, Huawei VR Glass depends on the idea of science fiction goggles. It has accomplished a little size under the state of guaranteeing an enormous field of view. The thickness of the fuselage is 26.6mm, which is only 33% of the thickness of the customary VR, and the wearing weight is just 166g. 

HUAWEI VR Glass gives a coordinated versatile lash to meet the sliding issues of various individuals when wearing and is appropriate for all sizes of heads. 

Huawei VR Glass will go discounted at a cost of 2,999 yuan in China beginning in December. With respect to accessibility in the worldwide market, we don't have the foggiest idea whether the new VR will show up or not.

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