The goals of Vive Cosmos is 1440 × 1700 for every eye (absolute 2880 × 1700), which is 88% more than the quantity of pixels contrasted with Vive, whose goals per eye is 1080 × 1200. Universe will get fluid gem shows with red, green, and blue sub-pixels for every pixel. It will expand the subpixel goals and fill factor contrasted with the first OLED presentations of the Vive. Be that as it may, the LCD shows, don't function too with dull scenes as their partners on natural diodes. 

Oculus Rift S, which are probably going to turn into the primary contender of Cosmos, has a goals of 1280 × 1440 for every eye and work at a recurrence of 80 Hz. This gives the HTC gadget a 32 percent preferred position in the quantity of pixels and a 12.5 percent advantage in recurrence. In the Rift S, there is likewise no equipment alteration of the separation between the focal points, which will help Cosmos clients to all the more precisely modify the lucidity of the image as indicated by the individual interpupillary remove. 

HTC likewise asserts that the Vice Cosmos "has a 40% improved focal point neatness contrasted with the first Vive." It is likely great, however the careful significance of the expression "tidiness of focal points" in the organization's understanding remains a riddle. While it is clear just that the curiosity has gotten Fresnel focal points. HTC likewise affirmed that the new item would work with a revive rate of 90 Hz, equivalent to the Vive. 

A week ago, HTC Vive affirmed that they would outfit Vive Cosmos with six cameras and touchy controllers, and the protective cap itself will get a flip structure that would enable you to encounter this present reality without evacuating the headset totally. The front board of the cap can be changed, and a unique ventilated structure will make the way toward being in computer generated reality progressively agreeable. 

The organization still does not utter a word about the cost and timing of the arrival of the HTC Vive Cosmos, yet we expect that this computer generated experience cap will be accessible in the second from last quarter of this current year.

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