The main reason for writing blogs and composing articles is not to get more likes or re-tweets. The whole purpose of blog posting is to improve the business ranking and to improve the business SEO strategies. You compose content to achieve the desired SEO results and to elevate the conversion rate of your potential business prospects.

However, writing a blog post requires a well-strategized approach. From deciding on the blog idea and brainstorming to the actual content composition, a right approach is indispensable for the composition of great quality content. Although blog writing can be fun and educational but to boost the ROI and the conversion rate of your business you need a well-designed content composition strategy.

Steps to boosting your conversion rate:

The chief target of content marketing and blog posting is to increase customer engagement. The best way of doing that is to invest some time, efforts and a portion of your marketing budget on blogging. Regardless of great and well-composed your blog post, if it is not generating the desired traffic and leads and doesn’t improve your customer engagement, then you need to make some improvements in your marketing strategies.

However, before making any changes or giving up the idea of online marketing, follow the below-mentioned path to boost your ROI and to increase your conversion rates:

•    Planning phase:

Before penning down the blog post, you need to have a clear idea of the blog content and its structuring. Writing accurate and comprehensive content is a craft which when coupled with a strategy yields exceptional results in the form of increased conversion leads.

To make your content customer-oriented, know the pain points of your audience and try to address them in your blog. Blogging for marketing is all about writing as per the audience’s interests. Find the conversion-optimized topics, write a comprehensive blog and you will see an increase in conversion rate and a drastic decrease in bounce rates.

Lead conversion is not all about boosting the sales and profits rates, and well-composed business blog plays a pivotal role in driving these conversions. Figure out the call to action for each and vary it as per the group of audience.

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•    Construction phase:

Once you have decided your CTA and the topic for your content, it’s time to start composing your content. The main objective of writing business posts is to maximize the conversion rates and to increase the traffic of your online business. However, when it comes to composing the post a few things and factors should be considered for writing customer-oriented articles and blogs:

1.    First things first, the title plays the pivotal part and holds key importance in customer engagement. Usage of improved title tags and composition of title increase the click-through rates.

2.    The opening sentence and the first few wordings are crucial for keeping the reader and the targeted audience engaged with the content. Most of the readers and views leave the article because of the poorly constructed opening paragraph and sentence which increases the bounce rates.

3.    The layout of the content, writing style and blog format are some of the key aspects that shouldn’t be ignored while constructing the blog. Shorter paragraphs, bulletins and numbered text, proper use of images and videos and font size and style should be considered while editing and finalizing the blog post.

•    Conversion phase:

Based on your writing preferences, style and approach, you might find it easier to make a rough draft before going for the composition process, or you might want to start with the composition phase directly, whichever wat you choose make sure to integrate these below-mentioned elements in your blog posting and writing process:

1.    Place the CTA in your blog as per the objectives of the blog and the CTA.

2.    The style of CTA plays a pivotal part in improving its performance and meeting its objectives.

3.    Once your blog is published, track the number of conversions to determine the effectiveness of the blog posting and CTAs. 

Whether you hire Wikipedia experts or freelance writers, a well- composed content on any social media and marketing platform has positive impacts on the sales and overall business performance metrics.


There’s no one right way of blogging and getting your blogs posted. The job is not done even after the successful publication of your content. Reviewing, updating and improving the content quality are some of the important aspects to consider to optimize your conversion rates. 

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