How To Set Up Your Facebook Page?

If Your Facebook Page gets Not enough Traffic Then This Information Is very Useful to Creating Your Page.

This guideline will Help You to Set up Your Facebook Page.

Here are some ideas for things to may like to put on your timeline:

  1. You can link your article that will be related to your website

  2. New announcements

  3. Make sure your posts are helpful, reliable and interesting.


First Step Is Sign Up

Go to and create a page for facebook marketing in that you would have many options like local business, Brand or Product, cause or community. Select the type of your page that you are creating for what. It will help to increase the traffic into your page.once you fill some details. Facebook will ask for any authority or security you want to put on the page.

Second Step Is Add Pictures

In the next step, you can apply your cover photo and profile image for your page. It is very important how your pictures look like because it’s your first impression. So you need to choose wisely pictures. And also make sure that photos you choose that will be relaxed and easy to identifiable with your business.

You will upload your profile image first on timeline. This image would accompany your business name in search results

Your Profile picture will display as a square on your facebook page and cropped to a circle in ads and posts, so don’t put any details on the corners. Once you completed then click Upload Profile Picture.

Profile Photo And Cover Image

Your Page Profile Photo Is To be Logo And its Very Simple.

The Cover Image is really up to you what to put. You can put any use Photos Of Employees, Fancy Artwork, Any event Photographs, Live Shows Photographs, Product Photos, Etc..

Pick a photo that will enhance your page and draw the eyeballs of your visitors.

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Third Step Is Explore your new page

Hurrah! Your page is alive, albeit it is extremely sparse. You will be prompted to take a quick walk-through of a few features. By clicking through the prompts then you know where everything is. It takes a few seconds. And it will explore a new page.

The fourth Step Is to Add a short description

Now, this is your opportunity to tell people about your business. It should be just two lines of sentences and a maximum of 155 characters, so there is no need to give too much explanation here. Click Add Short Description, then just share what your customers need to know. You can add a long description later on.

The Fifth Step Is To Create your username

Your username is your vanity URL, it will tell people where to find you on facebook. Username can be up to 50 characters long, but do not use extra characters. You want it to be easy to type and easy to remember. Your business name should be something different. Then Click create a username for your page to set up your vanity URL.t up your vanity URL.

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The sixth Step Is “Complete Your About Section”

The About Tab is Below to your Profile. This is your opportunity to tell anyone to come to your page what your business does.

It is short, so don’t try to fit everything in.

Explain what your company does, Why You Are different, and other skills.

You have to remember that keep it friendly and informal. A casual tone usually works best on Facebook.

Only Post useful information to your timeline.

What you post to your timeline that will display to everyone who has liked your page. Same as you put a post into your personal profile.

Do not post anything that endless updates about the same thing, don’t post often.

Mostly Brands like Fastrack only post things they know will be interesting to their fans. A different video or any announcements.

The seventh step is to create your first post

When you want that people like your Facebook page, you will have to create a valuable post with efficient and reliable content. You can share any type of content that will be related to your business. You can also create a  specific type of post like an event or product offer just click through the tabs at the top of the status box to bring up all the options.

The eighth step which starts engaging

Now, Your Facebook Page is ready to business a little bit of a nudge. You can now invite your family and friends to like the page. Use your other channels, like your website, Twitter, Instagram to promote it. Add “follow” logos on your promotional materials email signature. You can also ask your customers to review you on facebook, too.

Like other pages

Facebook is, after all, a social network its a good idea to use your page to build a community for your business rather than viewing it as simply an extension of your online presence. Another way to build community is to feature other pages which are relevant to your business but not competitors.

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