As your tiny tot starts murmuring the little words, it is indicative that you should start looking for a pre-school for your child. A school is a place where the child learns maximum irrespective of the teachings taught in the school. Pre-school is a place where a child learns to survive out of the comfort zone. Thus, it is very essential to select a pre-school that meets your expectation along with the needs of your child.  The culture of a school greatly influences the success story of a child. Thus, below are a few points that will help you to select the best and the right pre-school for your child.

  • At the very beginning, it is necessary to narrow down your search to location. You should go for the options that are nearby to your residence. This will lessen the tiresome journey of your kid making him more available to participate in the school activities.           
  • Personally visit the school and assess the involvement of the teachers in making a child familiar with the various learning aspects. The teachers of a preschool should display extreme patience and care while dealing with the little gems.
  • Check whether the school is inclined towards the traditional methods of teaching or towards the play way method. A child learns faster by the aid of the play way method. This method helps a child to learn through diverse activities. The learning needs vary from child to child. Some learn by visualizing the things, some via indoor or outdoor activities and so on. Thus, it is very essential that the preschool adopts the play way method of teaching to meet the basic needs of the child deliberately.
  • ‘All work & no play would definitely make Jack a very dull boy.’ The school should concentrate on the overall growth and development of the child. The learning schedule of a child should have a balance between learning and playing activities. The school curriculum should be more enriched with co-curricular activities. This will help the child to be fond of school and the learning processes.

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