Spring season is here which means its high-time to prepare your real estate unit for the season. Whether your purpose is to sell, rent, move-in or perhaps stay in the unit throughout the season, a little bit of clean and care goes a long way.

If you’re among those who’re overwhelmed by the thought of cleaning chores like dusting, broom, scrubbing and polish, have a look below for spring cleaning hacks to spruce up your property in the best possible way especially if yours is modern villas in Dubai.

Review the Safety Laws
The first and most important of all is to review the safety rules of the property before you proceed with cleaning. This is because certain cleaning chemicals and procedures are restricted and damaging to the unit. Check the document for smoke alarm cleaning rules and battery replacement essentials, expiry date of the fire extinguisher, general paint and wash, steps to take in case of an emergency so on.

Wax the Woodwork
For wood furniture, floor and other fixtures, work up a mixture of mild dishwashing liquid and wax, buff the surface with a clean cloth, microfiber preferred, apply authentic wood cleaning polish followed by the mixture you just prepared and leave the surface to dry on its own. This’ll surely shine up woodwork of your home without ruining anything.

Wash, Trim & the Doors
Before reaching for the paintbrush, gently wash the walls, mouldings, trim and doors. A vacuum cleaner extension is best to clean hard-to-reach spaces. Carefully manage those stubborn stains with a zero-solvent degreaser however, a mixture of warm water and dishwashing liquid would do great to bust the dust and mould build-up.

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Organise the Closet, Cabinets & Drawers
Take a closer look underneath the bathroom sink and you’re likely to find a heap of toiletries scattered all over including expired stuff so, now is the time to throw away unwanted and useless items, reorganise things in a proper manner and make it look like a proper cabinet.

Pest Control & Maintenance
One thing you wouldn’t want to forget is pest control and maintenance and it’s better to leave this particular task for the professionals as they come with specialised chemicals and tools for maximum effectiveness and safety.

Patch the Tile Grout
The white cement-like material between the tiles that we call grout can easily collect all the dust, dirt, grime and mould overtime, which change its colour from clear white to yellow and green. This is the reason cleaning and patching the tile grout from time to time is important as cleaning agents can eat through the material thus weakening the bond between the tiles. Every time you clean the tiles, do pay attention to re-patch the grout if needed.

The Kitchen Management
Kitchen management takes into account organising the entire corner, cleaning, discarding unwanted and expired stuff, disinfecting and cleaning the appliances, washing area and much more. Replace perished stuff with new and fresh, utilise storage space for utensils and other essential kitchen items. You can even donate old pots, pans and kitchen tools to the needy or hold a garage sell to make some dough for new ones. Next comes the cleaning and disinfecting of appliances including refrigerator, freezer and oven.

Shampoo & Vacuum Treatment
It’s obvious that rugs and carpets require deep and professional cleaning after a particular time. If you wish to do it yourself for the spring, proceed by mixing shampoo and water, apply it on the carpet/rugs and make sure it gets to all the corners. Rent a steam cleaner with a rotary shampoo machine that’s a perfect combination for best cleaning.

Spring season comes with a particular motivational feel that couldn’t be ignored. Weather stays balmy and welcoming which makes it a perfect time to spruce up your palm Jumeirah villas for rent for the season in terms of safety or simply to enhance the aesthetics. Following the above tips, you can surely up the looks of the unit be it for sell, rent or simply to make your stay pleasant.

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