The UPSC exam is India's toughest exam that recruits officer for the different departments of the Indian Government. Over a lakh of candidates compete for less than 1500 job roles, but still, the popularity of the UPSC exam hasn't faded even after the extreme competition. Thousands of students every year take admission on the best IAS coaching in Delhi to prepare for the UPSC exam.

The UPSC exam is conducted in three phases: the prelims, the mains, and the personal interview. The preliminary exam is a qualification level and the question pattern is objective. The marks of prelim are not added in the mains, which has subjective-type questions. The last level of the recruitment process is the personal interview where the experienced judges of the panel ask questions to the candidates who have qualified the Mains.

In the UPSC exam, the most important thing is to make effective notes, which can help you to do the recision during the last few months of the exam.
Here are some tips about how to make notes for the UPSC:

Make your own notes, don't copy from others: First thing first, nobody is going to help you with the notes. So you have to make it by yourself. You can copy or borrow notes from your friends but it won't help you. There is a high possibility that you won't understand your friends notes or the strategy doesn't match yours. The whole point of making notes is to keep yourself away from reading the whole book in the last few months of the exam and if you don't understand a thing from the notes made by somebody else then it's a total waste. So, to save yourself from this unnecessary trouble, you always should make your own notes.

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Another benefit of making notes by yourself is that you learn in the process of writing it. So in the last minute, you just have to revise it. Even if the person you are asking notes from is a topper or has cracked the UPSC exam, don't completely copy his/her notes. Make sure you are just referring to that person's notes and not xerox-ing or getting a print out of it.

Even when you have joined the best UPSC coaching in Delhi try to make your own notes and ask the professional for the feedback and scope of improvisation.

Re-read the NCERTs: The NCERT is like a Bible for the UPSC candidates. They must stick with them and read it thoroughly. Make sure you have read the NCERT of all the subject enough times to make notes. Underline the important points and make bullet points notes. Also, ask from the best IAS coaching in Delhi experts about which topic to skip and which do not.

You can't read other books before reading the NCERTs for all the subjects. Complete reading the NCERT books of 6-12th class before moving on with the reference books. NCERTs is the best way to have a basic knowledge about the topic.

Refer to the IAS coaching notes: The best IAS coaching in Delhi provides each students ample study material so that they can skip making heavy notes from the scratch for every subject and spend more time in understanding the concept. Many of the best IAS coaching in Delhi provides notes on a regular basis for all the subjects, which includes the curated version of each chapter. This is an amazing way to help students remember important topics. They provide handouts and test series samples for practice.

Don't make notes in the first read: You should always keep in mind to not rush during making the notes. First, read the chapter and underline the important lines. Second, make the notes after reading the chapter completely.

You have to be careful while making notes don't add too many abbreviations, which you might forget. Always mention the full-term in the corner of the page. Make notes in pointers and use short sentences. Always leave some white space, so that you can add information or update it whenever needed.

Take help from the reference books: Reference books always provide a detailed description of any topic. So, it is not possible to add all the information mentioned in the reference books in the notes but you can add some extremely important facts or information in your notes.

Make notes from reference books but include only the important statements.

Sum up

Delhi is the best place for IAS candidates. It provides all the facilities to the students. Here are many best IAS coaching institutes to prepare students for the UPSC exam. All the best.

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