Learn how the game works. Understanding games are more important than a quick finger. All games, if properly designed, must follow a series of "rules," which define how they should be played. Get into the mind of the game and the developers who designed the game. Often, these rules are not written, but they are of great value to the way you play. For example, a first-person shooter (FPS) will often require you not to be exposed in the open if you want to win. And in an FPS, learn to which part of the body to aim each weapon. In general, you will discover that you must aim at the head. But, in most games, shotguns are more effective in the chest. You must aim the rocket launchers at your feet.

Stay calm. If you panic in any game, you will die, send your army or team to death, or discover that you are useless to your companions. A good way to learn skills, like not panicking, and the "rules" of the game, is to play the G switch 2. If you panic in Tetris, you failed. If you learn rules like "do not create gaps", "do not create 'channels'" and "at the beginning of the game, you try to do four lines at the same time".

Configure your controls the way you prefer.

In first-person shooter games, do not use the arrow keys. They tempt you by how simple they look; however, the best keys you can use are WASD (W forward, A left, S backspace, and D right). From time to time, ESDF or ESCF are used for more space. This is because, with the arrow keys, there are no other buttons nearby that you can use. Imagine the scene. You play an FPS and you need to jump. There is no close button to "jump" that is appropriate. Or if you need to recharge, where is the reload button? You would have to remove your hands from the movement keys, which is bad in a shooting. Do not forget the Ctrl and Shift keys, because they are easily pressed with your little finger and are excellent for the functions you are likely to use when you move; for example, a crouch or accelerate button.

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In a strategy game, the buttons will often be sorted in a logical order. For example, in most strategy games, to build barracks you have to press the B key.

Know the environments. This is key to forming strategies and learning where they are likely to attack you.

Communicate Even if you do not know the people you play with, it is still good to write basic information such as "nearby enemy" or "take care of this area". But when you play with your team or your friends, you really need to learn how to communicate efficiently. Using TeamSpeak, Xfire or Skype is necessary. You will notice that in most games, the player without a voice chat is the one who dies first. The different clients of these communication companies have all advantages and disadvantages. Of course, Xfire also allows you to write in the game conversation, so publishing a strategy that people can review at any time is easy with Xfire. TS creates the least delay for the players.

If you cannot use the voice, learn to write and use an automatic phrase of the game quickly. When you write messages, do not use general chat! Use the team chat. The general chat is to talk, curse when you die and congratulate the enemy for the fantastic shot. In strategy games, discuss the strategy. Ask for help. Use the bastions. Coordinate attacks.

Practice. Practice your skills. Practice strategies, use different armies and units, try new weapons, practice quickly activate your movements. Be quick in what you do.

Change the rules when you can. Do not break them completely, but change them to take advantage. For example, do you know that you should not leave the coverage? What happens if you discover a ridiculous coverage that nobody would think of reviewing? Did you try the big guns? How about bringing down an entire army with a knife? For example, you and your friends could, when they run towards the enemies in a corridor, throw themselves to the ground and shoot at the ankles. It is unorthodox but will catch you off guard. Do not break the rules of a strategy game. The outcome of a battle is never determined by some crazy plan that involves using a unit to dispatch an army.

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Develop a style this is not necessary, but it is much more fun in a game to have a style to play. Are you the sniper who will kill the enemy no matter how far? Will you shoot a burst at the beginning, not to win, but to mock the enemy? Are you a maniac with the lever? Enjoy the game, play with style!

Join a team another step that you do not need to take. Some players enjoy more games if they are part of a team.

Win Winning games are great. Do what you have to do.

  • Career. Find all the shortcuts, there are always abundant in each route. Also, try to get the perfect angle and speed to surround the corners without slipping because it can save you minutes of the total time. Synchronize your reinforcements correctly, so you do not go through a wall.
  • Strategy tips: know the maps, know the units, know the armies and develop a good strategy. Starting a game without having a plan is bad and you will lose. The plan must start at the beginning of the game because the enemy also has a plan and will not show mercy when it comes to letting you build a comfortable defense. Learn how to micro administer your units, control them effectively and win fights by outnumbering the enemy.
  • Massively multiplayer online (MMO). Learn to work with other players. Different multiplayer classes can come together like puzzle pieces. Learn these strategies for "player versus player" and "player versus environment" modes.
  • There are many games that specifically test an aspect of a player. The reaction times, precision, synchronization, hand-eye coordination and resistance to panic are things that can be improved with use. Unfortunately, you will have to learn again some of these features for each console or control, since the design and game style are very different.
  • Sports. Sports games should be played as a perfect game of real sport. If it's a team game like football or basketball, have a plan. In other games, such as tennis, which is based on reactions, you must learn the rules and practice controlling your reactions. In the game Wii Sports, learn how to move the remote control to do exactly what you want to do. You can hit the ball wherever you want if you know how.
  • Tips for first-person shooting games: know the weapons, know the maps, know the rules and know the objectives. It's very important. If you do not play the goal, you cannot win. Capturing or defending the flag is more important than simply killing at random.

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