Can’t tell if it is laziness or the busy schedules that make us go after on-demand delivery apps. But it’s all good; we get our food delivered anywhere, anytime and numerous app owners are making money out of it. It is a win-win situation that an on-demand marketplace offers.

The number of food delivery apps and the number of people who use it, both are steadily increasing. Why? Because of the benefits, the two major stakeholders enjoy - admin and the customers.


Let’s get the numbers talking

According to a survey conducted by GloriaFood,

  • In just two years, 2014 to 2016, online food ordering and delivery grew 300% faster than dine-in traffic.

  • Estimated to grow by 20% by 2018, and guess what! It did grow

  • Online food delivery industry is projected to grow in the forthcoming years and restaurateurs who don’t offer online delivery or orders have the chance of losing 70% of its customers.

The food delivery market is definitely not going to be saturated any sooner. With new ideas and strategies like drone delivery and delivery to universities, we see substantial and progressive growth in the industry.

Let’s take a look at one of the successful on-demand apps started in India that is now operating in 23 countries - Zomato.

Zomato is an India based online platform where people can view restaurants/ food trucks or any eatery available on the platform. Users can get definite details about the restaurant including but not limited to location, star cuisines, reviews and ratings, complete menu, etc. Zomato today has more than 10,00,000 registered restaurants on the platform and 90 million visits per month. Later, Zomato became popular for online delivery as well. In the FY19, Zomato has recorded $206 million (about Rs 1,339 crore) in revenue, a three-fold jump. The revenue is primarily driven by the core food delivery business.

What a success in just 10 years!

Recently, Zomato opened its second Hyperpure warehouse in New Delhi and is planning to launch 20 Hyperpure warehouses in 18 cities by next year. HyperPure was acquired by Zomato and it has been a profitable investment which is improving the business to business operations of Zomato. HyperPure by Zomato is a B2B technology platform that lets ordering of fresh produce, packaged food and poultry, groceries, kitchen essentials. All restaurant owners, caterers, hotels, and other food service businesses can use this platform to buy products for their business.

Zomato’s M&A mostly focuses on startups and has acquired around 12 of them globally. The latest acquisition was TechEagle Innovations—for an undisclosed sum. Reportedly, this feat would help Zomato pioneer in drone-based food delivery.


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We know that the user interface is free to use, so what is the revenue model?

  • The restaurant/food outlets have to pay a fee to be listed on the website

  • Zomato Gold - A golden move - Zomato offers paid memberships and people who buy it will avail amazing benefits at partnered restaurants.

  • Commission for food delivery


Technical and those stuff

Be it the web or mobile application, the rich features and visually enchanting design of Zomato have to be given its credits.


Key features:

Extensive search option:

Numerous categories like Buffet, ambiance, fast food, best deals, veg, nightlife, newly opened, etc. are available. Apart from these, there is an option to search based on location, cuisine or restaurant.

Reviews and ratings:

Good food is life. No sugar coating or emphasis is needed. People are willing to double check and get to know about the eatery they’d be visiting. And, Zomato is a reliable platform to check about restaurants. A lot of food bloggers or enthusiasts and visitors give feedback about the experience they had. The users are allowed to attach pictures as well. These ratings directly impact the app users and the restaurant, in a good or bad way depending on the reviews.

As a strategy, a few restaurants offer freebies to customers if they put up a positive review of the restaurant.

Web app:

Zomato also has a web application as well which receives a good amount of traffic.

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Do you like controversies?

Zomato was hacked two times, 2015 and 2017, both the times the user database was at stake. Millions of users’ passwords, ID, address, etc. was breached. Zomato took action immediately to find the loophole and suspended the chance for rumors. Worry not if you are planning to launch an app. There are a few app development companies who offer robust security for the app.

On the whole, it has been all uphill for Zomato. Though there are numerous players in the on-demand food delivery industry, an entrepreneur can still make it big. With the ever-evolving technology and the desire for more comfort, your app can stand out by integrating some of the latest features.

Though there are numerous apps following the aggregator model, customers trust the restaurant’s app/website more if there’s one. So if you own a restaurant, it is time to up the game by providing your customers with an online platform where they can order food and get it delivered at the doorstep or pick it up from the restaurant. This way, one can keep up with the competition and earn both online and offline.

Own a restaurant and have an app or have an app to aggregate the restaurants and customers with delivery executives. An entrepreneur can rake in money either way with the heights the food delivery industry is reaching.

I took Zomato as a case study because it is the perfect example that depicts localization and globalization. Though the app is available in various countries, it is localized and personalized according to the region and users respectively. By prioritizing users’ needs and resolving the bugs, Zomato has grown into a million dollar company.


Wrapping up:

Altogether, from log in to payment, the two prime characteristics, security and user-friendliness have to be maintained.

With app development companies offering <a href="" />Zomato clone script</a> that is customizable, launching an app is an easy deal. But the research, plan, target, new strategies to captivate users are on you.

To develop a user-centric platform there are certain gimmicks you should know and the professionals at <a href="" />AppDupe</a> can assist you with that. Get a food delivery app like Zomato with iron-clad security and cutting-edge features to launch your business.


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