One of the most useful apps for creating an animation is FlipaClip. This app is very user-friendly that makes anyone capable of running and making animated videos.

It has a lot of tools that you can use for creating a beautiful animation. This unique app is currently available for both the Android Operating System and iOS. 

Downloading it is very easy, you just need to have a Google account and access the PlayStore. Alternatively, you can get it on the Apple App Store.

Some people were looking for a way to get this app working on their laptop or computer. But as of now, there is no Windows or Mac version of this software. The developers haven’t created a PC version for this software.

But worry not, there is a way to install and use it on Windows PC and we are going to explain the procedure in this article.

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Emulator – The Necessary Program To Run Android Based Apps On PC

To achieve running the FlipaClip application, your computer must have an emulator program installed. A Lot of emulators can be download and get for free but in this article, we will only focus on the top and best emulator.

These emulators are called BlueStacks and NoxPlayer. Both of them are very fast and can be trusted when it comes to android emulation. You can download any or both of them although we recommend you to use just one emulator so you can save more PC resources.

Before you start thinking about getting the FlipaClip for PC, it is important to prepare your computer or laptop. First, make sure your PC has 4 GB of memory and above. This will ensure smooth emulation.

Next, your PC or laptop must have DirectX11 installed. Updating the graphics card will also help you to fix possible graphical related problems when you start the emulator. To update it, you must refer to your GPU vendor website and install the driver.

After you do that, make sure that your computer has enough disk space. Make sure that you have at least 10 GB or more. If not, remove some of your unnecessary files and don’t forget to empty the recycle bin.

Now, make sure to bookmark this page or create a copy of this article and save it because you are going to reboot your PC to check if the Virtualization Technology is enabled. To check this option, reboot your computer and while it is restarting, tap the delete or f2 key repeatedly.

This will enter the BIOS, now look for the option about Intel-vt (for Intel Processor) or AMD-v (AMD processor). You must enable this setting because it can increase the emulator performance dramatically. 

Save the BIOS settings and go back to your Windows desktop. Now, your laptop or computer is ready to install BlueStacks or NoxPlayer.

BlueStacks Emulator Download

To get the installer of BlueStacks, go to its official website and look for the download button from their website. Once you find it, click that button.

This will get the setup file of BlueStacks, browse your downloads folder and double-click it. Once the installation window has started, make sure to check the Terms and Condition and click install now button.

The installation time may vary and depends on your computer and internet specs. This usually lasts for 10 to 15 minutes.

After the installation, you will find the shortcut icon of BlueStacks on your desktop. Double click it and open the Google PlayStore.

The first time you open it will ask you to provide the details of your Gmail account which is also connected to PlayStore. 

You can skip this part and install the FlipaClip using APK, but we recommend that you provide it for a faster and easier method. If you wish to skip this part, you can refer to our guide about the APK installation of this app.

Now, assuming that you have entered your account, you will be able to access the PlayStore so go ahead and launch it. Now look for FlipaClip using the search function and then download it.

Once the download has finished, run this app and you can finally enjoy creating animated videos on your computer or laptop.

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Nox Emulator Download

To simplify this, the installation procedure is almost the same as BlueStacks, now if you want to install and use Nox, you have to go on their website which is

From here, download the installer file and launch it. Follow the on-screen instruction and accept the license agreement or terms and conditions.

You can change the installation path or leave it as default if you are unsure of this setting. Now click install and this will start the installation. It takes a bit of time so be patient.

After the installation, launch it and enter your credentials of Google to connect it. Once you connect your account, run Google Play and look for the FlipaClip app.

Install it and have fun using this great Android/iOS app on your laptop or computer. 

Features Of FlipaClip

  • It includes popular tools such as Brushes, Fill, Erases, Lasso, Ruler, Insert Text and many more.

  • Canvas can be set for up to 1920x1920.

  • On the free version, you can create 3 layers. But for pro, you can make 10 layers!
  • Add dialogue or voice recording to your animation.
  • You can import your audio files in this app.
  • FlipaClip includes built-in popular curated sound effects.
  • It has a frame-by-frame animation timeline.
  • You can set a grid when creating an animation.
  • Easily add pictures and videos.
  • Animate the pictures that you imported.
  • Export the finished product on MP4 or GIF.
  • Easily upload the videos to a social network such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter or Tumblr.
  • The user interface can be a bit of complex but once you are familiar, you can enjoy and create an animation to the fullest.

Final Words

FlipaClip may not be available for Windows or Mac as of today, but with the help of an emulator, we can install and use it on a computer and laptop. Running this app on PC is also more favorable for most people who love to create and edit videos due to the bigger and better monitor.

If you want to run more apps on your Windows / Mac computer, you can visit this website for more useful Android apps for pc.

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