Blogs still enjoy a strong foothold among today’s online traffic, even they we are experiencing a shift towards shorter forms of content, nowadays.

Stats have proven that those firms that give more priority to blogging have received 55% more visitors on their website.

There’s a strong reason for that:

No other form of content can match blogs when it comes to generating quality lead for a business.

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A viewer who reads a significant part of your blog is someone who has a strong interest towards your content.

However, Blog based content are facing a strong challenge nowadays:

It’s the Content explosion the web is going through currently.

The over-availability of content in the internet has made it increasingly difficult for firms to maintain their engagement rates through blogging.

Let’s talk about a few ways you can solve the problem of content explosion and achieve your ideal blog engagement rates.

  1. Prioritising promotion over creation:

As mentioned above, there is huge excess of blogs on the internet as compared to the number of readers.

Therefore it’s not that necessary to mandatorily create new blogs for increasing engagement.

What you can work on is trying to repurpose your existing blog content into relatively shorter pieces of multiple content.

Repurposing blog content generally includes converting your blog into relatively more intuitive and shorter forms specifically for your social media channels.

This type of content primarily includes infographics and highly engaging video content, as these have been proven to create 3 times more engagement

There is a strong reason as to why you should consider repurposing your blog content:

This is because of the very low levels patience that is prevalent among today’s social media users.

This is a direct outcome of the extremely high levels of content that is available on the internet today.

The average social media user of today is quite interested in consuming useful content, but does not want to spend a significant time for it.

Therefore, your customer engagement strategy should be primarily focussed on generating that initial level of engagement about your blog through such shorter forms of social media content.

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You can always provide a link to your original bog content at the end of your video or infographic content, and generate quality traffic that is genuinely interested in your blog.

  1. Hyping up prior to Blog Releases:

Hype creation before your content release, is another tactic that can help you in countering the content explosion in the web today.

Creating hype can be regarded as a quite underrated social media lead generation strategy till now.

So how can you create that much required hype before your blog content finally hits the web?

The best way is to adapt the strategy of “Repetitive Exposure”

Create a social media posting calendar that is specifically catered towards your new blog content that is about to release.

Subsequently, start creating social media posts that are related to your new piece of blog content.

Then start posting these pieces of social media content from a certain time period (say seven days before) till the time you finally launch your blog post.

Your main aim should be to create an overexposure of your upcoming blog content.

In this manner, your social media followers would be highly interested to finally consume the content that has been aggressively promoted through so many days.

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  1. Sticking to the main purpose.

This is something that marketers and content writers seem to have deviated from, nowadays.

Do you know the primary driving force behind your audience reading your blog?

Well, it is and will always be to learn something new about a topic or gain a different perspective about the same.

A blog immediately becomes less appealing to a customer if it is created in a manner, in which we create other shorter forms of content, i.e. with going much into details.

Your blog just can’t provide information about or simply promote your firm’s products, without giving any genuine value to your consumer.

Therefore, you should always make it a point, not to make your blog content with the primary motto of promoting your product.

On the contrary, you should first do a thorough research about your choice of topic and try to add your own analysis or views to it.

 Wrapping up...

The major inference that can be received from the above mentioned points is that you should always try to change your blogging strategy in order to adapt to the current needs and preferences of your target customer.

However, it’s also very important to never forget the real reason why you create a blog

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