For a dry and hot place, the ideal solution is to have the air cooler. The reason why they are effective is that not only it is economical but it does not pose any threat to the environment. Nowadays, it's very easy to buy the best air cooler. You just need to take the time and explore online. You can easily compare the air coolers, read customer reviews, choose from various air cooler brands and consider many features. And it will get delivered at your home without any hassle.

But do you know how to increase the cooling efficiency of your air cooler?

Do you feel this a little technical? Okay, let’s see it in another way. Do you know which things are responsible to increase your cooler efficiency?

If you are not aware of this, don't worry. In this article, I am going to discuss what you can do to make your air cooler more efficient this summer.

Let's start...

How to increase efficiency?

Instead of a conventional AC system, people choose the best alternative. The cooler is very much environment-friendly and truly affordable both in terms of product cost and maintenance cost. You can also save your electricity consumption. There are certain things that are responsible for increasing the efficiency of the cooler. But, there are various air coolers depending upon their energy efficient technology. It is better to ask the dealer which model is suitable for you in terms of energy efficiency, low maintenance cost and more cooling power.

Water tank capacity

Water tank capacity is the most important thing when it comes to the cooling efficiency of a cooler. In general, an evaporative air cooler has a minimum 20-30 liters of water tank capacity. Now imagine if you have to pour the water again and again how it will be cooling efficiently? It is suggested to increase the water tank capacity. If the tank is 30-40 liters then it will not only give you efficient cooling but also it will lower the electric consumption bill. This way you will increase the cooling efficiency.

Types of fans

When it comes to the centrifugal fan, it offers a quieter sound experience. It may consume more energy but, definitely faster than the axial fan, thus providing more cooling. Whereas, axial is more economical, uses less energy but is much louder. The smoother the blades run the efficient the cooling is. So, if you want to increase the efficiency of your air cooler then you have to change your blades.

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Closed places

The portable air cooler and mini air cooler can completely cool a kitchen, living room or any enclosed space that you have available for this appliance. If the space of the rooms is not completely closed, the air conditioning will not be working properly. Thus consuming more electricity bill and, heat the motor. This way it will lessen the performance ability. The closer the room is, the more efficient and effective the air conditioning will be. Therefore, as long as it works in a single room, such as a bedroom, try to close all the openings where the cold air could escape.


This is the most important thing if you want to increase the efficiency of your cooler – filters. The filters ensure that your portable air conditioning equipment provides not only fresh air but also a clean one. These appliances come with washable filters that are used as an additional carbon filter. Apart from carbon filters, there are also antimicrobial filters. These are also to improve the efficiency of your portable air conditioner and help maintain it by removing dust, smoke, pollen and even spores in the air. If you are going to use these filters, you will have to replace the filters every three months.

An air cooler is not conventional AC. It has limitations. So you must look every single aspect before buying the best air cooler. If it is used properly, you can easily increase the efficient cooling.

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