Nowadays, you can easily find an app for everything. Education is not an exception. Education has experienced many changes in the last few years with digitalization. Many educational apps are developers constantly to encourage students learn and explore everything to the fullest and make learning fun. Moreover, it is not just limited to children and youngsters, even adults can now learn newer skills and get degrees without visiting a campus. Modern education combined with mobile apps can really do wonders both for students and teachers. Educational apps are here to enhance the education system and make it simpler for the students to learn and remember things for years ahead. 

Benefits of Educational Apps

There are various benefits of educational apps for both teachers and students. Educational apps are simple to user and understand in comparison to lectures and books. Other advantages of educational apps include: 

?    Leisure Hours Utilization
?    Students like and prefer apps 
?    Reduce the gaps 
?    Mobility and portability
?    Sustainability
?    24/7 availability 
?    Quality Interaction 
?    Systematic learning 

Educational apps can be categorized based on their target audience. The target audience can either be learners or teachers. The apps for learners and teachers will have different features. 

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Educational Apps for Students 

Question and Answer Apps 
A question and answer app can be built for the students to post their questions that are related to particular topic or subject and teachers will answer them. This kind of app can be utilized by students of any age group. It will help boost interaction between the students and teachers. 

Pre-Schooler Apps 
These apps can be used for preschoolers and babies to teach letters, numbers, and colors. These apps include eye-catchy animations and games to teach new rhymes and words with games and pictures to improve the learning experience of toddlers. 

Subject-Specific Apps 
These apps are created to help students with subjects such as English, Science, and Mathematics. The subject-specific apps offer interactive learning experienced to students. 

Competitive Exam Apps 
These apps are created to offer education on different topics such as law schools, medical schools, business schools, and more so that students can prepared themselves for competitive exams. 

Online Courses Apps
These apps are created by big institutions to offer online courses. They have everything that a classroom course can offer. The only difference is that the student will select what, where, and when to learn. 

Educational Apps for Teachers 
Currently, not a large variety of educational apps are present for teachers but those available in the market offer everything that teachers need generally in a single mobile application. This includes tools for planning, grading, scheduling, analytics, and creating charts. 

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Best Features An Educational App Should Have 
Based on the education app you are creating, the features to include in the app may vary. But some of the must-have and essential features in an educational app are: 

Signup/Login: a login or signup feature with your existing account automatically can be of great benefit since it reduces the signup process. Signing up with social media networks can also prove to be helpful. 

User Profile: With a user profile, students can easily check their progress, make changes to their schedule, and navigate what they have learned earlier. For teachers, a user profile can help set schedules, see analytics about students, upload course material and do a lot more. 

Notifications: The app developers India suggest that the educational app should include a notification feature which can help inform students about any and all updates. You can also break the monotony of learning with different course related activities. The app should be able to notify students about every event that takes place in the activity forum. 

Learning materials: The learning materials that the app includes should come from a reputed source. You can categorize the learning material by complexity, time needed to finish a lesson, topic, etc. You can even categorize different types of learning materials as tests, theory, audio/video lessons, interactive text exercise, etc. 

Interactive Sessions and Live Tutorials: If you don’t want students to be stuck in any specific topic, include a feature to let students join live teaching sessions and lectures. Such sessions can help students clear their doubts and queries. 

Regular Mock Test and Practice: Another important thing according to the app developers India for an educational app to have is the assessment feature. With the help of this feature, students will come to know their strengths and weakness. By participating in mock tests, students will be capable to test their own knowledge. 

Search Functionality: In an educational app, students should be capable to find out sections that they require easily. The app should also let teachers to make changes to the lessons they teach. Especially for longer courses and syllabus, a strong search functionality feature is very important. 

Cross Platform Support: When it comes to educational apps, it is common for both teachers and students to use different devices. Be it a smartphone or a tablet, the app should be able to work efficiently on every device. 

Clear, short and useful lessons: As far as educational apps and mobile learning is considers, boredom can be dangerous, so plan lessons to be short, useful, and clear for the students. 

Education industry is constantly upgrading its skills with the arrival of new technologies. Self-education with the use of mobile apps is soon going to replace most of the classroom courses. Due to this more and more schools, universities, and colleges have begun to develop their educational apps. If you’re looking to create your educational app, you should immediately seek help from the app developers India experts who can help you in the best possible way. Whether it is about getting a free consultation for your ideas on creating an educational app or creating the next-generation mobile app, app developers India can help you in everything.

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