A glove box is a sealed container, designed to allow its user to manipulate objects by proving them a separate desired atmosphere according to the requirement. On one of its sides, gloves are provided and are arranged in a manner that a person can wear it and put his hand inside the containment without even opening it and can perform the tasks. A part of it or all of it is left transparent, so that the user can see, what actually is being manipulated inside the box.


There are two types of Glove boxes. The first one allows to work with hazardous materials, e.g. radioactive elements or infection causing disease elements. And the second one allows us to work with substances that require a very high purity inert atmosphere, e.g. argon and nitrogen gases.


As it protects the user in contact with various substances, like pathogenic substances, radioactive materials and chemicals etc. and not only this but it also protects products and processes from getting influenced by the external environment, such as oxygen or moisture. So, there are a lot of things that should be taken into consideration for choosing the right Portable Glove Box .Such as

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1.      Purpose of Use - Purpose remains the most important aspect when the user chooses the glove box. Whether it will protect the material and the processes that are being carried out inside or the user.

2.      Size - Size of the glove box is of great importance. It should be planned according to the devices which will be placed inside the box for performing tasks. Enough space should be there to operate them freely and it should also be considered how much space is required the control the processes that will lead in the box.

3.      Material Used - Material used in forming the chamber provides the highest level of protection for both the user and the material. The chamber made of acid-resistant stainless steel provides a higher level of safety. By employing such a chamber for the construction of glove box, the greatest application possibilities can be achieved while working un under-pressure and overpressure.

4.      Protective Atmosphere - While choosing the glove box for using in a protective environment, the user should carefully take care of the permissible limit of the maximum concentration of oxygen and moisture, which will be in the composition of an inert atmosphere. It depends on the composition of the required protective atmosphere that a user can choose the configuration.

5.      Additional Features - The glove box can be adapted according to the need of the user. Used can change the position of the individual elements of the chamber and can select the side as well for placing the antechamber. There are multiple options, which can be chosen while using the glove box, which makes it more user-friendly and somewhat custom made as well.


So, One should always remember that there are different forms of glove-boxes and single glove box cannot serve the purpose every time. Buyers get a wide range of glove boxes from which they can choose the required configuration of Isolation Glove Boxes according to their use.

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