Visa 457 is the main visa used to sponsor employees to work in Australia. The employer may be a company operating in Australia or abroad. This visa is now closed to new applications and is replaced by TSS 482.

Most employers will seek approval as a Standard Business Sponsor. Approval generally lasts 3 years and there is a limit on the number of employees who can be sponsored during this period.

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How visa application 457 works

Australian or overseas employers who are unable to find suitably qualified candidates in the Australian market can sponsor qualified employees abroad under the subclass 457 visa programme, usually through a standard corporate sponsorship agreement. For this purpose, the employer must submit an application to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

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Alternatively, the employer may enter into an employment contract with the Australian Government to allow the employment of foreign workers. These agreements are generally used for particular labour market circumstances that are not covered by normal corporate sponsorship contracts. For industries such as meat processing and recruitment, an employment contract is the only option for the migrant worker.

Implementation phases

    Sponsorship: The employer requires approval as a standard commercial sponsor and is required to nominate an occupation for a 457 visa.

    Appointment: The employer appoints a job for a potential or current 457 visa holder. It may make this appointment at the same time as it applies to become a Standard Business Sponsor.

    Visa Application: The qualified worker selected for the proposed occupation applies for a 457 visa.

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Checklist of documents required for a 457 visa

You will be asked to submit a set of documents as evidence in support of any visa application if you are applying for a 457 visa, sponsoring an applicant or appointing a worker. The success of the entire application may depend on the volume and reliability of the information provided at the time of application. If the relevant documentation is not disclosed or the documents submitted have not been satisfactorily completed, the application is likely to be rejected.

  • Each person applying for a 457 visa must submit this documentation together with his or her application.
  • Any person sponsoring a 457 visa applicant shall submit this documentation for the application.
  • Any person who designates a worker as part of a 457 visa application shall submit this application documentation.

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