Applying for an Australian PR visa is one thing and waiting for your visa approval is something totally different, with a lot of emotions, anxiety, fear and excitement at the same time.

The time it takes to process an Australian permanent residence visa from India is based solely on the time it takes to apply for it and other related factors, such as:

Number of applications received by the Department of Immigration

Complexity and simplicity of your application profile

Number of places in the category of qualified immigration visas

Complete and accurate request form

Delay due to incomplete submission of document set

Other requests for information as requested by the Department of Immigration

Therefore, the factors mentioned above may cause a delay in pr processing time in Australia.

According to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the general waiting time for PR in Australia is about 8-12 months.

General key issues affecting Australia's PR processing time

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PR visa category

The visa category selected for Australia PR has a big impact on visa processing times. Here are some examples to help you understand:

If you have applied for a migration visa for skilled workers:

Australia skilled Independent subclass 189, 75% of applications is processed within 8 months and 90% of applications within 11 months.

Australian state-sponsored visa subclass 190, 75% of applications are processed within 9 months and 90% of applications are processed within 12 months

Australia under classed 489, 75% of applications are processed within 7 months and 90% of applications are processed within 9 months.

Australian immigration fees

Australian Immigration Visa Fees- The Australia PR Visa Fees is $4045. The PR of Australia is granted with a separate visa of 189 /190 / 489 Skilled. The total cost of PR for a family of two adults and one child is AUD 7,080. You can pay with your debit card or International Visa / MasterCard / American Express credit card.

Australia Immigration Visa Fees

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Request the Australian immigration process

If you have applied for another permanent residence visa in Australia, for example a parent visa, the processing time may take between 1 and 3 years.

Top priority points

The immigration process in Australia works in such a way that subclass 489 visa applications will first be on the priority list and then come subclass 190 and subclass 189 visa applications respectively.

The occupation on the basis of which you have nominated a visa for skills migration

To apply for a qualified immigration visa to Australia, the applicant must select a job from Australia's list of applications. The selected occupation is of great importance because occupations that are in high demand in the various states and territories of Australia are treated as a priority.

"How does one become a permanent resident in Australia? This is the golden question that many of our previous clients have asked us. The answer may take different forms, depending on your current situation.

There are several visa paths that allow you to work and live in Australia permanently, here is a basic example

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Family-Based Permanent Residency

If you have a family member or partner who is an Australian citizen or permanent Australian resident, you may be eligible to immigrate to Australia with a family plan.

- Couple/Bride

- Bride and groom

- Children

- Dependent relatives

Permanent residence for work purposes

There are many ways to obtain an Australian visa from India through the category of workers or companies, including

    Employer-sponsored workers. When an Australian employer sponsors a foreign worker in Australia

    Qualified general migration. For people who are not sponsored by Australian employers, but who have valuable expertise in Australia.

    RSMS. The Regional Skilled Migration Scheme is very popular for people working outside the big cities.

Alternative Routes

There are alternative routes to permanent residence if the above categories do not fit your mould. Contact us to explain your specific situation and we will be able to advise you on the best route.

After permanent residence

Once your application is approved, you will receive your permanent visa and can live and work permanently in Australia. In some cases, you may soon be eligible for citizenship.

Permanent Australian visas are issued in increments of five years, subject to renewal. Provided your visa is valid, you will be able to enter and leave Australia freely. Other permanent residence benefits include:

- Right to work

- Right to apply for citizenship

- Right to public education

- The right to sponsor family members to immigrate to Australia

- Right to travel freely between Australia and New Zealand without a visa

If you are on your way to permanent residence and need guidance, contact us today for free advice. We are the Australian visa experts.

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