We live in a modern society, empowered by latest technology however it’s most unfortunate that air pollution is a major global concern. When burned in vehicles, petrol and diesel emits a lot of exhaust fumes, a major contribution to the pollution.

Climate change anomalies around the world forced governments and industrialists to take measurable steps in saving what’s left of mother nature and came with the concept of lower or zero emission as well as improved environmental technology.

In case you’re a concerned driver, there’re a lot of ways you can reduce the emissions by changing your driving habits and even the type of tyre mounted on your vehicle. Here’s all you need to know about carbonless driving and vehicle maintenance.

Alternative to Petrol & Diesel

Electric and hydrogen powered cars are now the perfect alternative to petrol and diesel. Though rare in number currently, the demand for such cars is gradually rising and predicted to soar further in near future.

Technological upgrades are making electric cars more accessible and affordable that has resulted in a growing demand as well as the means to contribute for a better, cleaner and greener Earth. Many cars and truck tyres in Egypt are taking the lead when it comes to environmental innovation alongside optimistic improvement in both vehicle and tyre manufacturing industry.

The Road to Zero Emission OR Carbonless Drive

Although investing in an electric or hybrid car is one way to zero emission, there’re other simple and cost effective steps of which the most obvious is driving only when necessary. If you’re fit to walk or hop on a public transport, this is yet another way to go carbonless.

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In case you need going to a longer distance and there’s lack of public transport option, hitch hiking is another best solution which, to a certain extent, reduces the number of vehicles on the road; as long as not everybody’s doing it.

Your driving style contributes a lot to emissions which means constant acceleration or slowing down with impatient driving and brake application releases a significant amount of emissions. This can be controlled however only if you drive patiently and at a constant speed.

Another step is to power down the engine in case you aren’t driving as people are accustomed to leave their engines running even when the vehicle’s standing idle for long. Speed monitoring is crucial to reduce the carbon effect.


Vehicle Maintenance

A well-kept and fully maintained vehicle emits low carbon. Necessary steps to ensure maintenance is checking the tyre pressure, mount eco-friendly car or truck tyre in Egypt and make sure the vehicle is as fuel efficient as possible.

Rolling resistance as labelled on the tyres is another important factor which helps in keeping fuel consumption level and carbon emission as low as possible. Air condition is another factor which is mostly overlooked but during hot days, you might turn it ON full without realising its contribution to carbon emission. It’s obvious that air condition at full exerts additional load on the engine which forces it to release more energy and burn fuel.

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