Celebrated and presumably the best games computer games engineers EA Sports have not discharge a Cricket amusement since 2006, which was EA Sports Cricket 2007. It was adored by fans at that point and some cricket fan still play it. In any case, after that EA has played Judas on cricket and has been concentrating on FIFA, UFC and different games titles. In 2006, EA Cricket 2007 resembled a wonder of designs however unfortunately now, it could not hope to compare to magnificent illustrations and visuals of Fifa 18 or 19. Because of this most cricket fans have swung to other Cricket titles like Don Bradman Cricket 14 and 17, yet those are not upto guidelines set b EA. All in all, why EA would relinquish such a darling diversion establishment? Reason, Piracy and unlawful downloadings. 


Cricket 96 was the primary cricket amusement distributed by EA, in 1996. At the time, it was superb regardless of lacking licenses to official groups. 

At that point in 1997, EA discharged Cricket 97, a spin-off of its forerunner. It was exceedingly enhanced in correlation yet at the same time did not have the official groups authorizing. 

At that point, after three years EA Cricket 2000 was discharged and it was a supernatural occurrence contrasted with past cricket titles. It had official groups with player names and Richie Benaud and David Gower as comentators. 

EA proceeded with its prosperity to EA Cricket 2002, EA Cricket 2005 and afterward at long last EA Cricket 2007 or Cricket 07 of every 2006. Cricket 07 likewise included multi day test coordinate and furthermore enhanced climate conditions. 


Different reasons can be credited to death of this establishment however increasingly conspicuous are following: 

1. Theft: This is the main motivation of its demise. It was famous in England, New Zealand and Australia yet its greatest market because of high populace was India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, and we as a whole realize how much computer game robbery manages this district. Nobody truly prefers to pay for the amusements, which is likewise because of absence of sources yet again around 70 to 80 percent of video gamers privateer recreations is South Asia. This profoundly hosed EA benefits edges till they at last chose to murder the diversion. 

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2.LOSS OF BCCI LICENSES: Indian Cricket board is enormous and for a few reasons, EA lost the rights to players in Indian Premier League groups . This additionally brought down diversion's notoriety in India which was apparently EA Cricket's greatest market. Yet, of course Cricket 96 thrived even with no official group, so this was not fundamental issue. 

3.CRICKET IS NOT MUCH FAMOUS SPORT: This will sting some cricket fan, yet Cricket in contrast with football/soccer does not have that much worldwide reach. It is just popular and most played in nations from previous Great Britain, because of their impact. In this way, it has a littler market while football is played in pretty much every nation on the planet. So entire world is showcase for it. In this way, EA deserted cricket and concentrated more FIFA and we as a whole realize it has developed a far cry. 

Likelihood OF RETURN: 

Will EA Sports Cricket make its arrival to universe of computer games? Perhaps, and there is reasonable possibility that on the off chance that it returns it will be beneficial, taking into account the amount Indian Market has been regularized and others are enhancing also. Likewise, Denuvo like security frameworks can shield it from theft to significant degree. Or more all, individuals are eager for a decent and strong cricket amusement. 


Before EA makes it return, Cricket enthusiasts need to manage with Don Bradman Cricket 14 or 17. Additionally, mods of EA Cricket 07 are likewise accessible that put most recent squads into the diversion. How about we trust EA returns yet sincerely thinking about how well FIFA is performing. its doubtfull.

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