Your wallet is undoubtedly one of the most important things in your everyday life. After all, all of your essential cards, details and not forgetting cash are stacked up inside it. Naturally, you want to make certain it is within your grasp at all times. However, sometimes, no matter how careful you are, carelessness can creep up on you at the most unexpected and yet strangely at the most urgent of times. During these times, when you want nothing more than to find your wallet as swiftly and smoothly as possible, Panasonic is here to the rescue in the form of the Seekit Edge.

What is all the hue and cry about the Seekit Edge?

You already know by now that your wallet is undoubtedly one of the most essential things to keep a track of and the Seekit Edge makes certain you can easily know where it is in the event that it gets misplaced. But what exactly does it look like? Well, don’t let your imagination run wild, the device is ideal for tight spaces and is compact and lightweight in nature. It works on the basic principles of tag, connect and find. It possesses Bluetooth 5.0 and works especially well within the 100ft radius. The device is 45mm in size and 3mm in thickness.

Other than your wallet, the Seekit Edge makes it easy to find your document folders and bags as well. The device works meticulously with both Android and Apple devices. Other than this, it has an 18 months battery life and is water-resistant in nature.

There are special features that make the Seekit Edge a treat

Besides the fact that the Edge is specifically designed to fit into any nook and cranny in the best way possible, there are many other features that make this device a real treat.

Worried you will have to recollect your day’s proceedings?

Well, with the device’s Last Seen Location feature, you don’t have to go back in time to find out where you left your wallet. Simply check where you last left your valuables with the assistance of the Seekit app and you can easily understand where you need to head to in order to find your lost belongings.

Fretting about the fact that you might be in danger?

The Seekit Edge is a wallet tracker that does not only ensure your wallet and other valuables are safe, but it also makes sure you are in safe hands too. This means that if you ever happen to sense a threat near or around you, all you have to do is give out an SOS alert. To do this, press the Seekit button three times. You send an alert along with your GPS location to three of your near and dear ones.

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You know when your belongings move away from you

You will always know when you leave your belongings behind owing to the Separation Indicator feature. With this feature, as soon as you leave your possessions behind, your valuable disconnects and you hear an alert on your smartphone that gives you a notification whenever you misplace your possessions.

Move closer to your belongings in an assured manner

There is the proximity guidance feature you can benefit from when you invest in the Seekit Edge. If you are slightly aware but do not know for sure where exactly your belongings are, these features definitely act as a savior. Through the help of this feature, along with the Seekit app, you can move closer to your belongings in an assured way knowing full well that eventually you are going to find your possessions.

Make use of the Seekit community

Do not think, even for a second, that you are alone on this quest to find your possessions. If ever you need any kind of help to find your wallet and other valuables, you can make use of the Crowd GPS feature. With this feature, use the last seen location to track your possessions down. If the items fall within the 100ft range, you can detect it in an uninhibited way by taking the help of the Seekit community of users.

There are a few more features you need to know about

Other than all of these one-of-a-kind features, you can also greatly benefit from the splash-proof feature that makes certain water or any other liquid does not cause issues in the Seekit Edge’s optimal functioning. There are also multiple alert modes and customized voice alerts that ensure you do not miss an alert particularly if it happens to be in your voice. The intensity level of the voice alerts can be set by you. There is also a quick selfie button that ensures clicking pictures wherever you are is going to be easy.

We are sure you don’t need any more reason to give this device and wallet finder app a shot. Go try it out right away.

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