Wikipedia is one of the most famous online encyclopedia that provides information about almost everything from historic monuments, international laws, scientific theories, celebrity profiles, to any other general information topic is accessible through Wikipedia. Marketers find Wikipedia highly beneficial for businesses as well because the site can help businesses in a number of ways. However, not every business can become a part of Wikipedia and there is a particular criterion that is used by the site to approve the page creation request from a certain business.

The professional Wikipedia experts know about the notability criteria well and they can tell a business if they are a fitting candidate to have a page of theirs on the site of Wikipedia. Every business should get to know if they are capable of becoming a part of the site or not. In fact, businesses should work on becoming capable for getting published on Wikipedia. That is because the businesses that get published on Wikipedia, get to have amazing benefits because of it. Wikipedia is not a marketing site originally but the benefits that a business gains with Wikipedia are far greater than some of the top marketing platforms and sites that function online.

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This article is highlighting the benefits that a Wikipedia page can offer to a business for businesses’ awareness. The purpose is to let businesses know how much they might be missing on if they are fit for having a Wikipedia page and yet, they have not applied for it. Let us explore to know the details.

  1. SEO is Taken to an Entirely New Level

Wikipedia pages are almost always on the top of the search engine results and that is the reason why marketers find Wikipedia a profoundly significant marketing platform. If a business or a personality page is made on Wikipedia, the business or the personality get to have a much improved SEO with it. Better SEO helps businesses leave the digital footmarks all over the internet and bring more traffic to their sites, leading to a direct increase in the sales. SEO is one of the major goals of digital marketing and Wikipedia makes it much easier to achieve it. This is a valid enough reason to make Wikipedia marketing strategy an ultimate goal for businesses.

2. International Recognition

Businesses that have the aim to generate heavy leads from the international market and become a successful multinational in  the coming years can benefit a lot from Wikipedia. Wikipedia page can pass the business message of a business to the targets all over the world because its visitors are spread across the globe and visit the pages that appear as a result of a certain keyword. Also, any business that is passed to the target market through Wikipedia is trusted by the receivers of the message due to the credible image of Wikipedia as a source of information.

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3. Almost No Investment on Content

Content on a Wikipedia page is not needed to be changed frequently because of the nature of the site, that is, encyclopedic. It saves a lot of investment and time of the businesses because they only have to monitor the business page after its creation and do not need to rearrange new content frequently. Also, the content of Wikipedia is complete and conveys the entire information about the business smoothly without any difficulty or confusion. Compared to these attributes of Wikipedia, other popular marketing platforms like social media sites and blog spots demand a lot more investment on the content creation and constant upgradation. 

4. Less Overall Effort and Investment, and High-rate Return Profits

Wikipedia does not require constant investment from the businesses and yet, it provides them with long run benefits without any disruption. The business only have to pay to the page creators of Wikipedia for once and after that, all they need to do is to keep a check on the page and immediately respond to any troublesome situations, incorrect edits, tags, and any other thing of the similar sort. Other than that, there is no much effort needed to be put and the page will do good without requiring any other input.

These are one of the few benefits that the businesses can get with Wikipedia page. There are numerous more that can be accomplished in the long run. The businesses need not to worry about any of the major marketing goals of their business and yet, they can get done with all the tasks quite effectively with Wikipedia.

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