Marketing agencies help you acquire more and more sales by leveraging different types of marketing tactics. This helps companies to attract ideal customers.

But what you can expect from the agency you want to hire?

Here’s a list you must know in beforehand of choosing any company of web design in San Francisco.

1. Google AdWords

Google AdWords is known to be a great way of capturing the attention of potential customers while they know of having a problem. In most of the cases, people turn to Google in order to find out a relevant solution for that problem they are facing.

So, you can understand that running an AdWords campaign can prove to be highly profitable as that targets such prospects.

2. SEO

Everyone wants to get as much traffic they can on their website. Getting the articles to rank high in a search engine is not only about building brand awareness.

There’s a lot than this.

If your contents are acquiring high rank, then you will be also able to capture potential customers at a perfect stage. This can happen when the buyers are aware of the problems they have and they are in need of a solution for that.

3. Facebook advertising

Social media can take a great role in building a reputation for your business. Facebook’s targeting features are generally combined with a massive user base and that’s what makes it a fantastic platform for businesses.

If you are running a business and have an account on Facebook, then you can easily target your potential customer from there easily. Like you can target by gender, education level, income, location, interests, and also even status updates along with major life events.

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4. Video advertising

Well, it might sound crazy, but YouTube reaches more than 18 to 49 years old compared with the top prime time TV shows of the USA.

This massive audience is combined with increased engagement that comes along with video marketing. This marketing helps to make video ads one of the best places to see ROI. Even the video ads can be targeted by the demographic, online behavior, interests, location, YouTube channel and other things.

5. Mobile marketing

You must know that more than 50 percent of mobile searches lead to purchase. There are a lot of options available and those are targeted by agencies on the time of mobile advertising. This includes YouTube ads, in-app advertising and also the campaigns in order to boost the mobile app installation.

6. Content marketing

Now, this is a marketing strategy that is the fuel that helps to build a lot of multi-million dollar businesses.

However, there is a wrong concept among businesses. They think that content marketing is all about writing a few blog posts every week and slap them up on the website to acquire traffic.

That’s not true.

It’s all about engaging readers and makes them turn out to be the potential customers and it takes a lot more than that concept.

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