Need some friendship? You never again need to go to another human or pet to have your fantasies satisfied. 

Japanese startup Groove X, established by a SoftBank apply autonomy former student, uncovered a robot explicitly intended to be a partner for people. With the assistance of cutting edge innovation like touch sensors and six-layered eye show, the Lovot — a blend of "adoration and robot" — is intended to impersonate human love. 

"What GROOVE X have sought after with innovation isn't effectiveness or helpfulness but instead a robot that makes individuals genuinely glad by its honest character and beguiling motions that feels fulfilling to snuggle," the organization said in an announcement. "It delicately mixes individuals' sentiments and fills them with joy. It attracts out their ability to love and gives them the vitality to confront their tomorrows." 

Clients can begin pre-requesting the Lovots now. The cost for one robot is $3,100, yet they won't begin shipping until mid 2020. Clients who purchase two robots will get them toward the finish of 2019.

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