Nowadays, it's tough to find safe drinking water as a source of drinking water is getting impurified because of the growing population, global warming, and industrial development. In this scenario, it becomes very crucial for us to be aware of modern water purification techniques for getting pure drinking water. Everyone should use a water purifier for purifying the drinking water.

Water contains a lot of minerals, which is very important for the human body. But an excessive amount of mineral consumption may cause many diseases. A water purifier eliminates the extra salt, microbes, and suspended particles from the water and keep the required minerals and vitamins.  There are so many water purifiers are available in the market; you have to choose the perfect one based on your home water quality.

At first, the water purifiers suck up the raw contaminated water; after that, it filters out the contaminants from the unpurified water and then releases the clean water. The working principle of water purifier and water filter is quite the same, but there is some difference between both. Water purifiers can able to remove bacteria and viruses from water, but water filter can not do so. Chemicals or electrostatic charge is used by some of the water purifiers to kill germs. For getting purifying water, you can buy Aquaguard, for more information call Aquaguard helpline number.[What Is Waterborne Disease & How Water Purification Help To Get Rid Of It]

Water purification techniques

In earlier days, chlorine was added to water for purifying it. But nowadays this method is not used because it kills microorganisms and protozoa in the water. If you are looking for good water purifier for your home, then you can contact Aquaguard helpline for knowing all the information about this water purifier. There are six types of water filters available which are used in the water purifier. Those are


?                   Activated carbon filter

?                   Biosand filter

?                   Reverse osmosis (RO) filter

?                   Ultraviolet (UV) filter

?                   Ceramic filter

?                   Ion exchange resins filter


Activated Carbon Filter

An activated carbon filter is used for purifying contaminated water, especially the soluble gases like carbon monoxide, chlorine, ammonia, organic mineral (dead algae), nitrogen, leave or any lifeless thing. Carbon charcoal has a porous nature which can absorb contaminants (pesticides) or chlorine. A lining of activated silver is there in the household carbon filter to kill bacteria.

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Biosand Filter

The Biosand filter is made of plastic which is filled with multiple layers of sand and gravel that help to eliminate pathogens and suspended solids from polluted water. Firstly, you have to pour the water (free from dangerous chemicals), in the Biosand filter and stored in a container. Bacteria, organisms, and micro-organisms grow within the 2cm of the layer of sand, which is known as biolayer. Therefore, the micro-organisms eat the pathogens from the water and in this way the water quality is improved. It can purify 12-18 liter of water at a time and eliminate the suspended particles as well as pathogens from the water.

Reverse Osmosis Filter (RO)

It is considered as one of the best water purifiers in present time. It offers multi-stage filtration of contaminated water by particle filtration and activated carbon. Firstly, the tap water is passing through a polymer film or membrane which has very small-sized pores, and it removes minerals and micro-organisms from the water. After that, the collected impurities are flushed out by an outlet pipe. RO water purifier can able to improves the taste of the water and also produce purified water. But for the manufacturing defects or for using it continuously, some holes can be made. As a result, bacteria can enter through the holes. This filter is highly recommended for those places where water is full of dissolved minerals. One of the disadvantages of RO purifier is that it can also remove the necessary minerals from the water which are suitable for our health.

Ultra-Violet Water Purifier (UV)

To kill microbes and other bacteria, minimum radiation of UV light is passed on the contaminated water by attacking DNA in cells. 99% of pesticides can be removed by this water purification techniques. This water purifier can able to remove all types of pathogens but it inefficient for eliminating suspended particles, chemicals or improve the taste of water, color, and smell. It can purify almost 2000 liter of water per day.

Ceramic Filters

This type of filter is hollow cylinders that are made from clay, which is mixed with hazardous minerals like rice husks, sawdust, and coffee husks. This filter can remove the bacteria from the water by the small-sized pores. This process can remove almost 99% of chlorine and bacteria. The storage capacity of this purifier is quite safe that helps to prevent water from getting again contaminated.

Ion Exchange Resins FIlters

In this water purification technique, contaminated water is passed through the resins, which will then soften the water by sucking up the water minerals. This ion exchange resins filter can able yo soften the water by absorbing salts present in the water and then de-mineralize the water completely.

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