Defining success is not an easy task. It may have many different perceptions depending on an individual’s experiences and world view. It can be defined as when a person thrives in the world and have achieved the goals of the chosen career. On the other hand, it can be defined as the happiness achieved by making through difficult phases in life. There are many phases that you can call it as “success”, and as said above, it is all dependent upon the experiences of the world. 

However, for more creative personal, being successful is to develop creative skills and way of thinking, which can balance their imaginative thinking with the outside world. This successful creative often has common traits and characteristics which define them as “creatives”. Defined below are five attributes of these ingenious people known as “creatives”.

  1. They have a different way of seeing the world

Being creative doesn’t mean being better at something than others; it is about having a different mindset than others. It is something very true for successful and creative illustrators. Newbies often think about trying to be better at something that has already been done by successful creatives, others think of following trends which can make them successful. However, the success of the creative person depends on the idea that can make them, stand out in the competition. 

It is true that the idea of some other creative may inspire a newbie, but the creativity of an illustrator is showcased when he is able to make something unique and different every time. To be successful at being creative, you need to be more focused on not being the best, but being different. 

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  1. Illustrators love to explore!

A successful illustrator is interested in their field of work. They explore to learn and get better in their field of art and opt to choose the one which best suits their style. There are many styles that illustrators can choose. They love to experiment with colours and designs to create innovative images. They love to design and are devoted to their work and projects they get. Their devotion and skills are what makes them successful in the creative world. 

  1. They learn from criticism

Tackling criticism is not easy for every creative. Often they lose their motivation and inspiration to create just because of a reaction of an art critic. On the other hand, successful illustrators take criticism as a source of growth, which helps them to learn from the eyes of leading observers—the critics. 

It is likely that you have put in a lot of thoughts and efforts in making good visuals, but it is told to be “just not up to the mark of being a part of bestselling masterpieces”. This often happens with top children’s book illustrators as illustrations in children’s stories have to be carefully crafted to make an impact on the young readers. Clients may have a different idea about what may look good, which may disappoint an illustrator, but this is where an illustrator can learn to find things that are really wrong with the design. 

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Creative designers and illustrators are always open to criticism and understand it to get better at their work. It is helpful in improving a designer’s creative work as well. 

  1. They adapt new styles 

Creative people are always looking for innovative ways to be, well, creative. They develop a way of working around in their unique style, which makes them different in the creative world. However, it is necessary for an illustrator to mould their styles in a way to keep them relevant to the current trends in the market. For example, you are a top children’s book illustrators you can always choose to work with vivid colours to engage the young readers with your picture book. The idea is to stay updated with recent ideas and trends in the market, so you don’t lose your position as a successful illustrator. 

  1. Their work ethics 

Illustrators work hard to be creative. They have high standards to judge their work and flexible to other ideas. They make sure that the client receives the best so they can come back with more projects. They are always open to feedback and moulds their work according to the need of the clients while keeping an edge of their personality in work.

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