Features of Black and Decker Microwave Ovens

The general consensus appeared to be that the Black and Decker Toaster oven was uncomplicated and easy to use and the nine preset buttons were handy for quick action. Some people found that it was also fast in operation.

People liked the handle arrangement for opening and closing the door of this Black and Decker microwave oven, some saying it was the preferred option over the push button arrangement. Also, the glass front was a feature that was well received with comments made that it gave it a well built, reliable sort of feel. A lot of the other models have a plastic composite front.

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Features of Black and Decker Microwave Ovens

Operation Procedures

Again mention was made of the usefulness of the manual that is supplied with the Black and Decker microwave oven to clarify operational procedures to remove guesswork and frustration. Some people may be able to figure the operational procedure out but those less “techy” people may find the manual a useful tool.

The microwave seems to be a new niche for the Black and Decker Company, but the respect for the brand came through in some of the comments. The rather uncomplicated nature of this appliance and the features it has that are found in more expensive ovens, leads us to recommend the Black and Decker microwave oven at Position 4.

The general Black and Decker Microwave Oven is full size at 2 cubic feet volume. The large diameter turntable means that dishes such as casserole dishes can fit inside, and with huge power available this microwave can successfully handle larger quantities of food. This is a big microwave, ideal for a large family.

Quality Sensors

The control dial of the Black and Decker microwave oven is well set out in basically four groups most are sensor operated. The first group is three buttons for Hot Water, Sensor Reheat, and the Keep Warm or Simmer function that will keep food warm for up to 30 minutes. In the second group are nine preset buttons dealing with foods like baked potatoes, popcorn, fresh vegetables, ground meat, rice, and fish or seafood.

The fourth group includes three buttons that deal with cooking chicken breasts, frozen entrees and vegetables. The fourth group also has three buttons which deal with reheating (Fresh and frozen rolls and muffins, and beverages). On the Black and Decker microwave oven, these are all one-touch process buttons.

User-friendly options

Beneath the main panel is the defrost area that includes buttons for ground meat, steaks/chops and boneless and bone-in poultry. The operation of the Black and Decker microwave oven involves ten power levels.

The digital display of the Black and Decker microwave oven is two colour and seven digits with the current function that you may be using displayed in orange. There are a clock and a timer function. This Black and Decker Countertop microwave oven is a large unit with enough number of options to reduce the pressure of the cook from time to time.

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