Just image, you are wearing a band which is amazingly and permanently polished and looks new. Is not it sounds fantastic!!! If you are looking for such a ring, then it’s time to have a look at a black wedding band mens. It’s time to discover the fantastic look and amazing durability of rings and bands.

Talking in detail, tungsten and camouflage tungsten bands are made after forging the tungsten and camouflage metals at a temperature of more than 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. The rings are made in such a way that they remain scratch proof and indestructible for years. After that, the rings are polished using a diamond compound. This makes them develop a shine and polish, which last forever. You will witness a fantastic combination of strength, comfort, and style with tungsten rings.

Why camouflage tungsten rings?

In detail, tungsten is the exotic and rare jewelry metal which can be polished permanently. That just like your commitment with your partner to stay together forever, the finish and polish will also last for years — camouflage tungsten band are scratch proof. But you can’t resize the rings, and you will have to replace it. Some jewelry shops offer replacement offers.

With platinum, silver titanium and gold rings, you will find scratches, dents, and mars. But these will be not there on tungsten ring — the rings, including black wedding band, come with forever lasting shiny finish. On the other side, these rings are lightweight. You will feel like there is no ring on your finger. So, tungsten rings are the perfect ways to express a strong commitment, everlasting, and secure bond.

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Some interesting facts about Tungsten rings or bands

  • If you are looking for a wear-resistant ring, you will not find a better option than tungsten rings.
  • Tungsten rings are indeed ten times harder than gold, four times harder than titanium and five times than stainless steel. So, the choice is yours.
  • On the Mohs hardness scale, tungsten metal measures between 8 to 9. Talking about the thing with the highest measurement value on the Mohs scale, i.e., Diamonds.
  • As they are much harder than other metal, Camouflage tungsten band will never lose their shine and shape with time.
  • These are considered as Permanently Polished Rings. 
  • The rings don’t bend in any condition.
  • In case of any emergency, these rings only can be removed by professionals.
  • The rings look amazing as they are carefully hand-crafted using diamond abrasives and polycrystalline diamond equipment.

Understanding the manufacturing process

  • Tungsten with camouflage and other important elements are converted into powders and compressed with high pressure dies. This forms a ring blank.
  • After that, the blank is fired on the furnace at above 6000 degrees Fahrenheit. This is called a sintering process.
  • Now, then the ring is shaped with the help of a diamond tool. The cutting and shaping process can cover more than 30 steps. 
  • Then the rings are inlaid with silver, gold, or platinum to give them a unique look.
  • And the end, they are polished carefully using diamond polishing tools.

Tungsten bands, including a black wedding band, will remain shiny and polished for a lifetime and the best part of the rings is they are resistant to scratch.

Some shops sell tungsten rings made from fake material. So, be careful when buying a ring. Read the instructions and features very carefully chose the ring. It will be better for you to purchase the rings form a jewelry store which can offer your lifetime warranty on tungsten rings. Don’t worry about the price as the rings are quite affordable.

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