A year in the life of Starman keeps going around 557 of our Earth days. 

The Tesla Roadster that SpaceX sent into space in Feb. 2018 has now finished one full circle around the sun. The separation "driven" adds up to approximately 762 million miles which, as indicated by Where Is Roadster?, implies the vehicle's 36,000 mile guarantee has been surpassed in excess of multiple times. 

Good karma understanding that thing adjusted, Starman. 

It's been a significant voyage for the spacesuit-clad sham who should even now be situated in the driver's seat of the spacefaring Roadster. He wound up there at first as a major aspect of a test dispatch for the Falcon Heavy, a reusable SpaceX rocket that is intended to convey substantial payloads past Earth's climate. 

Space fans have been checking Starman's advancement from that point onward, watching the skies for his periodic appearances. He even roused an absolutely odd computer game. 

The last time we discussed Starman at Mashable, it was Nov. 2018, nine months after dispatch. By then, Starman and his trusty Roadster had effectively made it past Mars. Presently, the vehicle is moving toward the red planet again — just 69 million miles to go at the season of distribute, so avoid the "are we there yet?" it would be ideal if you — as it begins a second hover around the sun. 

There are some fun details to be found on that Where Is Roadster? site, and it's a cool thing to bookmark in the event that you geek out about space. My most loved detail: David Bowie's "Space Oddity," which was playing on a circle when the vehicle propelled, would have rehashed in excess of multiple times at this point — yet just if the Roadster's battery still had any juice. 

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That is most likely not the situation, with so couple of EV charging stations to be found in the spaceways. However, it's a beautiful however, this thought of a phony spaceman flying through the stars and sticking to Bowie forever.

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