Instead of a horn, the up and coming age of Tesla vehicles may produce the sound of a goat bleating, or a fart commotion. Welcome to what's to come. 

Chief Elon Musk prodded "redid and development sounds" for future Teslas in a progression of tweets Sunday night. It's uncertain whether Musk was not kidding. 

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Musk said that one of those sounds would be coconuts, an obvious Monty Python reference, and utilized the breeze emoticon and goat emoticon to prod different sounds that would be accessible (a fan translated the breeze emoticon as a fart audio cue, which Musk apparently affirmed). 

He likewise reacted to fans' solicitations for explicit audio cues Sunday night, giving one client's recommendation that Teslas incorporate "wilderness and rainforest sounds." Musk additionally appeared to be available to the possibility that Teslas enable drivers to transfer customized sound clasps to be utilized for horns 

Previously, Musk has owned unverified expressions about Tesla on Twitter that landed him in heated water with controllers and investors. He was sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission subsequent to tweeting that he had tied down financing to take Tesla private at $420 per offer, and consented to tweet with more prudence as a component of the settlement. 

Musk at last paid a $20 million fine for the occurrence, which he later said was "justified, despite all the trouble."

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