Unjustifiable on October ninth, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk tweeted "A Shortfall of Gravitas" – the name of a third automaton ship chose eighteen months prior – and reaffirmed that plans were still astir to fabricate a third rocket recuperation vessel. 

This is the main update on SpaceX's most up to date automaton send in over a year and comes only a couple of months after automaton dispatch Just Read The Instructions (JRTI) – some time ago positioned in California – was sent East through the Panama Canal. News that A Shortfall of Gravitas (ASOG) is still in progress brings up the issues: what's the robbery and what role(s) will the new automaton ship play in SpaceX's rocket recuperation armada? 

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Back in July 2018 and barely short of a large portion of a year after ASOG's advancement was uncovered, CEO Elon Musk showed that the automaton ship could be finished and prepared for recuperation tasks as right on time as "the following summer", or Q3 2019. Presently two weeks into Q4 2019, this can be deciphered in a few different ways, with the probably clarification being that SpaceX's maritime temporary worker of decision is running bogged down while building the new automaton send. 

That is the least difficult clarification and works under the presumption that Musk's February 2018 remarks stay genuine, implying that ASOG is as a matter of first importance (if not so much) intended to help double side sponsor arrivals for future Falcon Heavy dispatches and an expanded Falcon 9 flight rate. In any case, ongoing improvements offer motivation to accept this may never again be the directing inspiration driving SpaceX's development of another automaton dispatch. 

Most strikingly, in the course of the most recent a while of 2019, it has turned out to be progressively evident that SpaceX plans (or would like) to close down its West Coast Vandenberg Air Force Base (VAFB) dispatch offices for somewhere in the range of 9 to year and a half. In simply the most recent couple of days, word broke that Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) accepts that it will have the option to open an East Coast polar dispatch passage (basically something very similar VAFB offers) only months from now, and SpaceX plans to be its first client when February 2020. 

Perhaps thusly, SpaceX made the stride of sending West Coast automaton dispatch JRTI on a multi week venture over the Panama Canal. The automaton ship has since halted in Louisiana for what is thought to be upkeep and it stays misty if JRTI will go to Port of Brownsville (Texas) to help Starship experimental drills or to Port Canaveral to fill the job ASOG was at first intended to. 

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All things considered, it's never again clear if SpaceX really has a requirement for ASOG, at any rate as it was depicted a year ago. In the event that SpaceX is moving JRTI east for the inconclusive future, OCISLY and JRTI could without much of a stretch help the Falcon 9 dispatch rates required for Starlink and double Falcon Heavy side supporter recuperations, in spite of the fact that Falcon Heavy isn't booked to fly again until late-2020. 

This leaves one clear alternative left to clarify ASOG's proceeded with presence and postponed debut: SpaceX may have delayed work for an assortment of reasons and changed ASOG's structure to represent another job in the recuperation armada. That new job would probably base on the incredibly fast progress SpaceX is making with Starship as it seeks after a progression of aggressive flight tests that could start before the finish of 2019. 

Of note, an August 2019 Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) of East Coast Starship dispatches uncovered that SpaceX's at first intends to arrive all Super Heavy supporters on an automaton ship positioned a couple of miles off the Florida coast. Starship may likewise require automaton deliver arrivals in the beginning periods, in any event until SpaceX can finish the natural survey and authorizing procedure required before it can start to arrive Starship/Super Heavy at Pad 39A and Landing Zones 1 and 2. 

For the time being, we'll need to sit back and watch where automaton dispatch JRTI heads after its Louisiana break and ideally discover soon whether ASOG is an automaton ship duplicate or something different totally.

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