The world is getting more digital everyday, and only those who want to be left behind won’t try to adapt to the changes. Even offices need to step up if they don’t want to get buried under the constant evolution of things that are changing the landscape of how people interact with their surroundings.

While it’s understandable how some corporations would rather keep it traditional, there’s a need to keep up with the rest of the world. Creating a workplace that’s conducive to the employees’ productivity is of utmost priority, but also considering how employees will feel comfortable in the office must be prioritized. And with the rise of smart furniture in the workplace, there’s a good way to make sure that both objectives are met.

As early as 2004, researchers have already predicted how the connectivity of smart furniture can drive innovations in terms of productivity and convenience, which is essentially true in the workplace. While the world is slowly but definitely moving into this era, it’s best to follow suit.

While it will take more than just redesigning the workplace with modern office fit outs, the benefits far outweigh the cost it’ll take to create a smart office space.

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Keep the workforce physically fit

Office employees spend an average of 7 to 8 hours of everyday sitting in front of their computer. This can lead to various health complications such as back pain, eye strain, and sleeping problems. The sedentary lifestyle of office workers is not an easy problem to solve, but with the use of smart furniture, it can be alleviated.

There are office furniture that can keep office workers active throughout the day. A workout desk is now a thing, so yes, running on the treadmill while checking emails, listening to webinars, or reviewing presentations are possible. There are also adjustable desks so that employees don’t have to be seated all day. These desks can be adjusted to the height of employees, and some even has a sensor that will automatically adjust once it detects that you’ve been sitting down for too long.

Maximize potential of employees

Office furniture these days are now multi-functional. There are office chairs with active noise reducer technology attached to it, which are perfect for open plan offices. Work desks can also double as charging stations, and some desks even have laptop integrated into it.

Aside from keeping employees healthy, height-adjustable workstations can also boost productivity. Studies show that being sedentary for too long can negatively affect the productivity of employees.

There are also collaborative workstations that can be easily transformed into two workstations. It can even have a projector on one end of the station, making it a lot easier to hold presentations for small teams, thus maximizing the use of furniture in the office.

Some furniture can also be extremely high-tech, such as privacy-focused cocoons, which can enclose employees, and cubicles that promise to boost concentration.

Maintaining the level of productivity and professionalism in the workforce is always a challenge. There are a lot of factors that can affect the performance of employees. Providing them with a smart and comfortable workplace is just one of the many steps to achieve it.

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