Envision sitting on the 148th floor of the world's tallest structure, tasting a some tea and watching the sun saying farewell to the day. All things considered, you can do at the notable Burj Khalifa tower here that offers the best all encompassing perspective on this throbbing, cosmopolitan city. 

Dubai, an energetic traveler center point in the Middle East, offers all that one could look for amid a get-away - from fascinating, superb and heavenly dishes to an exhibition hall lounging in the brilliance of the district's rich history, to event congregations and shopping centers. Make a desire, and Dubai stipends it. 

The relationship with Dubai starts the minute you land in the city. It is a man-made miracle of style and marvelousness. Venture out of the air terminal and high rises of an interesting assortment stand tall to welcome you. 

My stay was at a recently redone five-star lavish lodging, The Address, that offers a sublime perspective on the Burj Khalifa and an amazing perspective on the Dubai horizon. Situated in downtown Dubai, a feature of the sumptuous settlement is that it legitimately interfaces with the Dubai Mall - said to be the biggest on the planet. 

Spread more than 13 million square feet, Dubai Mall is heaven for any shopaholic. Name a brand and it is directly there. The Mall likewise has an area called 'Style Avenue' which is center of all the head brands - Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Cartier, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior and then some. 

Likewise, one can encounter the first souks of Dubai which are reproduced inside the shopping center. An additional fascination is an aquarium and some perfect fine coffee shops offering the best culinary greatness of the Emirate's capital.

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Only alongside the shopping center is the Burj Khalifa, which, obviously, is an unquestionable requirement visit. It gave me an adrenaline surge while I remained at nearly its pinnacle. The view will abandon one charmed thus it did with me. With tremendous stretches of sand rises on one side and the perfectly clear blue waters of the Persian Gulf on the other, the city seemed charming. 

An outing to the Queen Elizabeth 2 gliding lodging is additionally worth your time and energy. Saturated with British legacy, this momentous sea liner, presently resigned, has a storied history spreading over right around 50 years. 

Once worked by Cunard as both a transoceanic liner and a journey dispatch from 1969 to 2008, it is currently a drifting lodging docked forever at Dubai's Mina Rashid. 

Travel to the zest and gold souks of Dubai to absorb Arabic engineering and exchange. The zest advertise, overwhelmed by dealers from Pakistan and other Gulf countries, offers a variety of flavorings while the gold market with its assortment in gems structures and tremendous gathering will abandon one in stunningness. 

Atlantis The Palm additionally figures in the must-visit list. This property is no not exactly a city in itself. Worked in 2008 and spread over a monstrous 46 hectares, with 17 hectares of water park alone, it's an amazing universe of creative ability, joy and extravagance. 

With in excess of 25 eateries, an experience water park, Dolphin Bay, The Lost Chambers Aquarium, Sea Lion Point, Atlantis makes a perfect goal for a family on multi day out. Dubai, being a cosmopolitan city, has additionally developed as a center point of a portion of the world's best eateries. From conventional Arabic dishes to lip-smacking ocean bottom indulgences, Dubai is a gastronomical enjoyment. So this happy season, head to Dubai for a charming Christmas and New Year with family and friends and family.

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