A lot of people were influenced by the movie starts and started to opt for Botox in the 2000s, and the results were promising. Facial fat could be treated sufficiently, lips could be made fuller, and Dysport was like a second chance one had to improve the way one looked. However, post-2009 Botox is not the only treatment in the market that can treat facial fat. Another drug called Dysport, based on the similar Botulinum Toxin A that Botox is categorized into, began to become popular. This is because people now prefer cosmetic treatments that show fast, visible results, and this is where Dysport scored above Botox.


There are several benefits of Dysport injection, but one must know the downtime of these treatments before opting for one. The more important question is: why replace Botox? The reason is not as much based on performance as on market value. Experts think that this healthy competition between the two is ultimately good for the consumers because this will lower the prices of both. Technically speaking Dysport and Botox both belong to the same category of cosmetic treatment as indicated before. The effect of Dysport is much more than Botox. This essentially means that the former diffuses more and has more effect on your body when induced keeping in mind. In practical terms, this means that Botox and Dysport will have different extents of results, and thus, must be administered by experienced physician. Physician acquainted with Botox might not necessarily be the fit person to carry out your surgery, and you must look at the years of experience he/she has had with Dysport.

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Reality Check

However, you must not expect a sharp decline in the prices. This is not possible because the production of a product needs extensive research and years of hard work. The government has been paying for research for years before it yielded this research. That goes into the production cost. Moreover, Dysport is still not mass produced and thus, it has to maintain a steady and constant profit margin so that it can survive in the market. Only if it survives it can hope for ratification, and as it sounds, this is a long, tedious process.


However, let us not lose hope because cosmetic surgery was never really affordable for the middle class. Let us focus on the Dysport procedure in Edmonton instead, which might soften the blow we will receive on our pocket. Botox and Dysport both last for a considerable period of time, and thus the time, energy and money you spend on your surgery is worth it. Some experts believe that Dysport injections last longer than Botox, but there is no reasonable validation of this belief. Moreover, Dysport has not been there for long, and thus it would be too early to pass any judgment on it. The best effect that both these drugs have on people is the complete treatment of wrinkles. If treated by an experienced surgeon, you might expect to look much younger than your actual age because the first thing that people notice is the texture of your skin.

If you want to freshen up your appearance, and look younger? Dysport Injections in Edmonton may be a procedure that offers results for you! You might need to follow up your first treatment with injections and the total downtime may last for a month. You might be able to work during this period, but going out and having just about anything might turn out to be dangerous. This is why most experts advise a complete rest at home during the treatment procedure.


There are certain physical conditions that must be maintained for you to be eligible for the treatment. You cannot undergo these treatments if you are pregnant because your body goes through a lot of changes during this period, and it would be quite risky to perform cosmetic surgery at this point in time.

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