Islamabad on Thursday said it has discovered no connections between activists kept amid an ongoing crackdown and the February 14 suicide shelling in Pulwama, inciting New Delhi to state that Pakistan keeps on being trying to claim ignorance about psychological militants working from its dirt. 

Pakistan's Foreign Office said it led examinations based on a dossier given by India on February 27, which incorporated a rundown of 90 individuals from restricted gatherings and 22 areas of supposed preparing camps, however has built up no connections to the Pulwama assault. It likewise looked for extra data from India. In a reaction late on Thursday, outside undertakings service representative Raveesh Kumar said India was "baffled at Pakistan's reaction to our nitty gritty dossier on the Jaish-e-Mohammed's complicity" in the Pulwama assault and "the nearness of its fear camps and administration in Pakistan". 

"Unfortunately, Pakistan keeps on being trying to claim ignorance and even will not recognize Pulwama as a fear assault. It has not shared subtleties of trustworthy activity, assuming any, taken by it against fear based oppressors or psychological militant associations situated in regions under its control," he included. The trade mirrored the basic pressures between the opposite sides in spite of an ongoing de-acceleration. The Pulwama assault, which executed 40 Indian troopers, was trailed by India's air strike on a JeM office at Balakot in Pakistan and an airborne commitment along the Line of Control amid which an Indian stream directed by Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was brought down. The spiraling strains facilitated after Pakistan liberated Varthaman on March 1, however India has demanded Pakistan should follow up on fear based oppressors dependent on its dirt. This was emphasized by Kumar, who stated: "Pakistan should take prompt, dependable, irreversible and undeniable activities against psychological militants and fear associations working from regions under its control." Pakistan shared the starter discoveries of its examinations with India on Wednesday. The Foreign Office said an examination group had been shaped, various individuals confined and specialized parts of web based life content investigated. 

The Pakistani specialists additionally inspected the confession booth video of suicide plane Adil Dar, JeM's case of obligation, Whatsapp and Telegram numbers used to share recordings and messages in help of the Pulwama assault, the rundown of 90 associated activists and 22 areas with preparing camps. 

"While 54 kept people are being explored, no subtleties connecting them to Pulwama have been found up until this point. Also, the 22 stick areas [of preparing camps] shared by India have been inspected. No such camps exist. Pakistan is eager to permit visits, on solicitation, to these areas," the Foreign Office said in an announcement. Specialist organizations were mentioned for information, including subtleties of exercises and contacts of a GSM number given by India and a solicitation for help from WhatsApp was made to the US government, the announcement included. "Extra data and archives from India would be fundamental to proceed with the procedure of examinations. Pakistan stays focused on taking this procedure to its obvious end result," it said. 

While communicating India's failure, outside undertakings service representative Kumar said Pakistan pursued an "indistinguishable content" after the 2008 Mumbai fear assaults and the 2016 strike on Pathankot airbase. 

Kumar said it was notable the JeM, an UN-assigned fear monger gathering, and its pioneer Masood Azhar are situated in Pakistan.

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