Diljit Dosanjh is an all-rounder with an adoration for music, acting, creator garments and a not all that mystery squash on universal cosmetics big shot Kylie Jenner. The Soorma performer has accumulated a great deal of consideration worldwide through his music and acting ability and his fame keep on ascending with time. The Punjabi music hitmaker as of late was respected with a wax statue at Madame Tussauds Delhi and is currently going to go on his 'Thunder' visit soon. While we have seen his affection for music and acting, he has additionally consistently purported his adoration for well known architect names. He additionally admitted that he is an enormous Kylie Jenner fan which he has appeared through his web-based social networking and furthermore prodded something on the lines of 'Kylie + Kareena' as of late which is yet to unfurl. 

Since we know now that Diljit wishes to collab with the most youthful individual from the Kar-Jenner family and we trust it happens soon, we worked through 5 architect names that both the web based life stars love. 


Diljit adores Balenciaga and claims various things including tennis shoes and coats from the top of the line planner name. 

Kylie Jenner likewise appears to have a skill for this brand, as she has been spotted a significant number of times wearing this brand as shoes and sacks particularly her purple thigh-high boots. 


Diljit Dosanjh possesses a Gucci coat worth Rs 1,62,720. Nonetheless, it isn't just the main Gucci thing in his closet. He additionally appears to feel weak at the knees over tracksuits and even claims a thick Gucci jewelry worth Rs 2,10,000. 

Kylie Jenner nowadays is found in Tom Ford period – Gucci. She additionally prefers to hold her girl in a Gucci transporter which costs around Rs 43,000. 

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Kylie Jenner strolled the 2017 Met Gala celebrity main street in Versace. The Putt Jatt Da artist shook the Versace Baroque pattern a significant number of times. A mutual love for Versace, it's unquestionably there. 


Both Diljeet and Kylie love Dior. While the artist adores the drifting tennis shoes, Kylie is found in a great deal of Dior outfits and packs. 


Kylie Jenner has been seen various occasions in Balmain particularly when she wore a couture piece as of late at a celebrity lane Diljit's adoration Balmain is likewise obvious as he has been found in a twofold breasted coat two or multiple times.

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