Marketing is known to be a particularly competitive industry with lots of creative hopefuls trying to get their foot in the door so don't think you'll land your dream job by chancing it at the interview. Take a serious approach to your preparations and watch your knowledge, confidence and potential grow.

The Basics

The following tips apply to job interviews in any industry, but are all too often forgotten so deserve a mention before you start delving deeper into the world of Digital Marketing Interview Questions

It's vital to know the ins and outs of the company you've applied to work for. Don't think you'll get away with just skim reading the website and knowing the main areas of business. Make sure you not only study the website in depth, but also look out for the company's name in the news. It's not, however, advisable to learn each employee's personal history as revealing details about the interviewer's life could be intimidating to him or her, and result in an uncomfortable atmosphere. This kind of information exchange can also be seen as irrelevant at an initial interview stage.

What Future does Digital Marketing Behold?
When given the chance, avoid asking straightforward questions about the company that you know the answer to or can easily find online. Ask for specifics about the job instead such as potential projects you could be working on or who else you'd be working with on the team.

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Broaden your horizons

Hopefully, you've chosen to apply for a job in marketing because the industry excites you. To prove this to your potential employer, you need to make that enthusiasm visible throughout the interview. Illustrate answers with topical examples taken from industry publications and respected online resources. Set aside time each week to read news and opinion pieces on the marketing world or, better still, subscribe to daily digital news alerts from Digital Marketing Interview Questions Week or other reputable magazines. Shape your own opinion on relevant matters and be ready to explain your reasons behind it. Think about what you predict the future has in store for marketing as this is a common question.

Get creative

Marketing firms are interested in genuinely creative individuals. Let your own creativity shine through at your interview by talking about your past experiences and knowledge in a passionate way. Worked on a collaborative art project in the past? Got your own online business or blog? Shape your answers to include information about them. Avoid textbook answers you've come across in interview prep books. Remember, the person at the other side of the desk has also done his prep and expects you to stand out from the masses.

Show initiative and bring in a portfolio even if it wasn't requested. When asked to illustrate an example of your past work, produce the file and show off your talent. Make sure to leave a copy with the interviewer. Looks make an important first impression on people, interviewers included, so think about your appearance on the day. Some firms will include information on the dress code in their interview invitation as quite a few now accept smart casual instead of formal. In any case, choose clothing that reflects your creative personality. It can be as simple as substituting your black blazer for a green one, but if that makes you different from the rest of the candidates, it can make you more memorable. Also, don't be afraid to accessories, just don't go overboard and choose just one or two statement pieces.

All set?

Before the interview, ask yourself "why do I want this job?" If you can come up with an answer without any hesitation, you're ready. Just keep calm, do your prep, know your SEO from your PPC and be sure to be able to tell the difference between niche and viral Digital Marketing Interview Questions. Good luck!

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