The style of your attire mirrors your persona. It reveals about your fashion sense. Styling yourself in the most recent pattern flawlessly is additionally an art. Vests are clothing which is worn by both ladies and men. This is a piece of garment which makes you look great and gives your body a definite shape. Vests are mostly sleeveless but rarely they also come with sleeves. These are also worn as undergarments, basic underneath overshirt or a single piece.

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Vests for men are made of different kinds of fabrics and come in different styles. You can wear this with ease in any season throughout the year. In this blog, you will find out different types of men's vests. Here you start:

Rib Vest

Rib Vest is a sleeveless vest that is worn as an undergarment. Rib vest comes in cotton material. Rib vest serves the purpose of absorbing sweat and is worn as a layer under a shirt to control and absorb sweat. This helps in not transferring wet sweat marks onto your shirt and keeps you comfortable. These are designed with the fabric that has good absorbency and is stretchable.


Rib vests are mens summer vests,  most popular amongst men of Asian countries specifically subcontinent. It is a popular undergarment for hot weather and is also worn as a single garment paired with pants or shorts.

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Gym Vest

To stay healthy and fit is really important for both men and women.  But with that, guys also want to have a well-toned body to woo girls, just saying. And to attain that goal, guys head towards gym. Going to the gym and working out in daily casual wear, can be discomforting. In this case, gym vest comes to the rescue. This is a comfortable sleeveless vest which is stretchable and apt for any kind of workout.

Denim Vest

You must have a denim shirt and jeans in your wardrobe but you might not have a denim vest. But now is the time to upgrade your wardrobe with a denim vest. A denim vest is a sleeveless vest which is worn over a shirt and exhibits a great fashion statement. Denim vest has pointed collars, chest pockets and metal buttons with contrasting blue shades. It comes in different styles and designs.

Suit Vest

For a neat sharp look at formal meetings or a wedding occasion, suit vest works out. It gives you a classy yet mod look. Even if your shirt is not properly ironed, you can always cover it up with a suit vest and also helps in tie placement. Suit vests come in different designs and patterns. Look decently voguish by pairing suit vest with a dress shirt, dress pants and a formal coat or blazer (optional).

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Long Vest

If you are tired of wearing overcoats then long vest is a comfortable alternative for that. Instead of burdening yourself, you can switch on to long vest anytime. You can easily wear them in summers. Create an easygoing street fashion statement of your own with a long vest in solid colour. The long vest is a classic vintage and never gets old.

Cargo Vests

Cargo vest is a casual easy to carry sleeveless vest. If you want to sharpen your casual outing look, add a cargo vest to your attire. It is apt for travelling, hiking, fishing, or any sort of outside work. Cargo vest is super comfortable and adds another level of style to your look. It comes in different designs and prints. Camouflage and cheetah prints are popular amongst these. It has got many pockets in it and its rustic look is worth every penny of it.


Vests are super trendy. You can always turn a piece of casual clothing into a classy mod attire with a vest effortlessly. And not just that, if you are a fitness freak you can always show off your body with any body-fit vest and look amazing.

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