There are two most popular methods of making macarons the Italian method and the French method. Both methods produce extremely tasty and gorgeous concoction known as macarons. But there are few subtle differences in the making process.

1. Techniques

The name for the two techniques is derived from the meringue it uses, French or Italian. In French meringue method whipping uncooked egg whites and sugar is utilized to create a fluffy base for your sweet. Whereas, Italian method is a bit trickier in which syrup of sugar is made and poured into the uncooked egg whites while beating it simultaneously plus this method require a mixer. That is why many people consider French method a lot easier.

2. Stability

Though Italian method might have some extra steps and is bit complicated method but it actually produces stable meringue. When the dry and wet ingredients are integrated together they are considered to be more firm during this tricky stage. On the other hand, due to the delicate French meringue macaronage stage is relatively more difficult for French macarons. Due to this Italian method is more popular and is used in most of the bakeries.

3. Appearance

In the Italian method macaron raise more in the vertical shape whereas, in the French method macaron remains more like a flat disk. It’s the baking temperature and the French meringue itself which affects the base development, at the end the appearance is rough with bigger air pockets in the feet. In comparison, Italian macarons have delicate air pockets with typically more vertical and clean feet.

4. Taste

Italian method might be more popular and widely used in bakeries but Italian macarons tend to get more crumbly and powdery. However, the French method macarons are less sweet with chewier texture of shell and tastes more like almonds.

Presentation of Macarons

Packaging the food product in a unique and good quality packing plays a key role in the promotion and marketing of your brand. Same goes with the macaron packaging, when they are packed and presented in a window boxes it automatically enhances the appealing factor. Customized boxes and customize packaging with your brands logo is a very effective way of escalating sales. Since the demand of the macarons is very high in the confectionary business and they require special packaging which can add more value in their already tasty existence. These boxes are presented as a gift special occasions and mini macaron boxes can be used for giveaway purposes.

Some more Important & Appealing Features

With the packaging of macarons there are other important aspects of these boxes like inserts, heavy base, window slider, and more. Boxes usually come with inserts in it so it can separate each macarons from one another. Furthermore, custom macaron packaging has window sliders in it and there are numerous options for these window sliders. The choice is totally up to in accordance with your liking whether you want to add clear window slider or non-clear. All these variation in shapes, styles, and sliding options will take your simple sweet box to whole other level and is more appealing for customers. Also these are round shaped variety of boxes which includes round box with hollow part in the center and round box without hollow part. You pretty much have all the options available now it’s up to your requirements which option fits you well.

Macaron Packaging

Macaron is one of the most popular and yummy confectionary item out of all so, for this delicious and eye-catching, innovative and attention seeking boxes are available. No matter macaron is Italian or French you are going to need amazing packaging to protect them from getting crumbled and moist. Chocolate and vanilla cream filled macarons is the must have item for festivities and presenting them in extremely beautiful and elegant packaging would make your loved ones even happier. The quality of the boxes matters a lot and is crucial for their deliciousness and safe storage. This is the reason why bakeries prefer to get their hands on custom macaron boxes so they can present their macaron and other sweets in an attractive way. For special occasions these boxes can be customized to designated specifications and having die cut windows for the boxes would make your products more tempting for the customers.

Final Thoughts

Italian and French macarons have their difference and similarities but one thing that both of them need is custom packaging solutions. Customizing boxes no matter for which type of macaron is the best choice you will make. These boxes hold the product right and keep it away from all the environmental affects plus attractive packaging itself do the job of selling product fast and increases the sales.  

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