The creation of a logo is one of the most challenging jobs for a new company. The logo must be creative, and represent the corporate culture in the best possible way. Besides, it also should be adaptable to any size and surface and with a high aesthetic impact. We all know that some graphics tools allow you to create logos with only a computer, so you can design the logo by yourself. However, the features of the projects are variable. For instance, creating a logo is a complex task by using a program like Adobe Photoshop. Although the software is quite professional, it does require a lot of technical and graphical expertise. So, how do you create a professional logo easily and effortlessly? This is why I created this guide to create logos online: I would like to introduce you an easy-to-use logo maker today.

How to use DesignEvo

With the online service, DesignEvo, allows us to create logos in minutes with a user-friendly interface and powerful editing functions. In practice, there is no need to install anything, nor any registration. You only have to click the “make a free logo” on its homepage. And then you will find DesignEvo provides 9000+ predefined templates with different themes and styles. I bet you will find a template you like according to your various purposes. Once you have chosen the logo template, you can start your design process to make it customizable by simply drag and drop.

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As you will see, we will be able to customize the template with options divided into four sections:


  1. Icon is available to change the central symbol, if you wish. DesignEvo offers millions of icon to satisfy your needs better;
  2. Text can insert new text fonts we want based on the icon style we have previously chosen; for the text you can choose the font, color and some other effects;
  3. Shape allows you to choose a shape you prefer for adorning the images, including badge, lines, banner and some other options;
  4. Background enables you to choose the background color when we finally have finished the design as we see fit.

Anyway, every aspect of the template is modifiable. Once you have finished your design, you can download it on your computer by choosing a low-resolution free logo or another two paid plans ($24.99 / $49.99).

Advice for designing a logo

Every graphic designer does pursue simplicity, not triviality. The essence is the most important thing. How do colors look? It is better to forbid those colors which are too bright or too dark. Do you have any examples? What about Adidas, Nike, Apple?

All in all, DesignEvo was designed for those who want to create logos without having to start from scratch and not knowing how to do it. If you are still looking for a professional designer capable of creating professional logos in minutes, you may find satisfaction by following this link:

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