what to wear on desert safari Dubai?

While you are in desert safari Dubai, loose and comfortable clothes are highly recommended. For men, shorts or cotton pants are preferred. On the other hand, for women, Salwar Kamiz or pants and T-shirts are more preferred. However, when you are going to a sandy area, try to consider san skiing and stuff.

Besides, we also recommend you to wear sandals instead of shoes, because the sand will get into your shoes and it can be problematic for you. Furthermore, sunglasses are a better option because of a hot sunny day. Try to wear as less jewelry as you can. In addition, don’t pack more items of personal stuff as it is not a good idea.

Which is the best desert safari company in Dubai?

Though there is an abundance of desert safari companies in Dubai, however, you should choose the one with an excellent reputation. We are one of the best touring companies in Dubai and people are agreed with it. Our tour guides are fully enriched with great knowledge and history of desert safari Dubai. They make you feel welcome and keep you full of activity from beginning to end. The best company must have tour guides that never let the visitors bore and continuously keep them aware of each and everything. There must not be hidden Nickle or dime, and the tour must cost highly reasonable. Within the package, we have soft drinks, water, Henna, Hookah smoking, Falcon pics, Arab dress pics, BBQ, Snacks, sandboarding, camel rides, belly dancing and tanoura dance. 

Where is desert safari Dubai?

No matter what is your location to start safari from, the most significant time difference would be around 10-15 minutes. Most of the safari companies have their sites around the Al-Ain highway, and typically travel time from the Creek would be of 1 hour. Once you are on the highway, at 120kph you will be away from the city soon.

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