A human body is a complex form of machine which can’t be decoded. There are many small things which if not looked at the right time can cause serious damage to the body. Here the talk is about the sweating which comes out from the pores of the skin. This is a natural phenomenon, but not everyone see this as that instead, they see this as a problem. It's not a problem it happens to everyone, but if not taken care of at the right time it might become a problem which will be then a serious one and an uncurable one too.

What is sweating- There is saying goes around that sweating cause bad smell but no it’s the germs residing under the closed section of the body which causes the bad smell. Sweating is just the process of water coming out of the pores of the skin. But when it stays under the closed parts of the body then fungus and bacteria attract toward it then if not treated at the right time will lead to fungal infection, skin infection, skin irritation, and many other problems.

What to do- One can always keep their body fresh every time and get free from bad smells or infections. As being clean every time is next to impossible what one should do to clear out the bad smell with decreasing the chance of the infections and irritations, the answer is Deodorant spray. These sprays are good in fragrance which will remove the bad smell, and the fungal infection or skin irritation will also be gone.

Spray- These come in bottles with a nozzle spray on the top which helps it to get the fluid in the form of a spray. Then gently applied on the area where one wants too. But individuals who are suffering from certain skin condition should not opt for any spray as it can cause itchiness and can be a serious problem too. So what should they do is consult the dermatologist for a better cure or only use those products which suit their skin. There are mainly three types of spray-

1Gel- It is somewhat aqueous which leaves some sticky substance behind on the body part, and this type of spray is mostly not used or preferred by the people.

2Spray- This is the most commonly used type by the peoples as many companies make this, but the arid extra dry spray is the most famous one because it sprays doesn't have much of water content which then wets the area. That's why arid extra dry spray is so famous and preferred over any other spray.

3Roll- Its simpler form of the deodorant as one needs to roll it over the area, and then all done. This type is currently invented so here also arid extra dry roll-on deodorant named product tops the list. As this arid extra dry roll-on deodorant have very less water content.

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