From the beginning of time, each time people have investigated new places, one of the greatest issues we have confronted is irresistible sicknesses – on the two sides. 

In addition to the fact that explorers brought pathogens to neighborhood populaces whose resistant frameworks couldn't fend off a new illness, however those local people likewise harbored microorganisms and infections that contaminated the globe-trotters. 

So what occurs if there's life on Mars and people travel there? 

"Whenever there's another presentation, on the two sides, there's a great deal of dangers. We as a whole can be harboring things that can make chance for the opposite side," said Pardis Sabeti, teacher of immunology and irresistible sicknesses at Harvard University. "There's a wide range of ways that when diverse living things cooperate out of the blue, a wide range of deliberate and unexpected pulverization can occur." 

NASA has been sending meanderers to Mars for a considerable length of time, including InSight, which as of late arrived there, yet the landers get throughly scoured before they're propelled into space. Also, none of the vehicles have made an arrival outing to Earth. 

With human travel to Mars not too far off – NASA as of late put the timetable somewhere around 25 years – we should be set up for the potential that a Martian microorganism could hurt us, said Sabeti, who talks about that plausibility on National Geographic's "MARS" arrangement. 

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"There's not a high motivation to believe that there's an irresistible malady there that can taint us and wind up tricky to us, however on the off chance that it might, it be able to could quickly turn out to be extremely tricky," she said. 

In any case, a greater issue could be us: Human bodies contain trillions of microbes, and those could contaminate the Red Planet rather, said Casey Dreier, boss promoter and senior pace approach guide at The Planetary Society, a charitable association that advances space investigation. 

"Each spacesuit is simply spilling off infections and microorganisms that simply are originating from the microbiome of the space explorers," Dreier said. "On the off chance that we acquaint organisms with Mars, would those unintentionally devour or wipe out or assume control over these potential tenable specialties on the surface of Mars or in the subsurface of Mars, and really annihilate any life possibly hanging out on the Red Planet?" 

That is the reason sending robots rather than people to get the principal tests is critical. While even robots can harbor a few microscopic organisms subsequent to being completely scoured, they're far cleaner than us. 

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"We're not in this perfect Star Trek sort of universe, where you can simply fly down to any planet and not stress over the ramifications of your own quality," Dreier said. "Previously, NASA has prepared their rocket at 500 degrees for four days to attempt to sanitize them. Outstandingly, that does not work for people. They're not extremely practical a while later." 

There's still a ton of organisms and sicknesses on Earth we don't completely comprehend, and in the event that we discover something on Mars that is endlessly not the same as life on Earth it could be considerably harder to understand it. 

"We grouping enough things on Earth that we sort of have a decent feeling of what the tree of life resembles," Sabeti said. "Envision that you produce a succession however the arrangement doesn't add up to anything you've at any point seen previously." 

"In the event that they're sufficiently diverse from anything we've seen previously, we have no chance to get of setting it into setting and attempting to motivate a foothold to comprehend it," Sabeti included. 

That is additionally why we'll have to bring tests from Mars that could conceivably contain life back to Earth for broad examinations. 

"There would really be a tremendous strain to take a portion of these example microorganisms back to Earth so as to completely describe them and attempt to comprehend them at a profound dimension," Dreier said 

What's more, that implies we require to a great degree propelled biocontainment offices to hold them – not simply to decrease any potential danger of a Martian microorganism postures to things on Earth, however to abstain from tainting tests with our own human microscopic organisms. 

"The demonstration of investigation conveys with it a hazard, for you as well as for the place you're investigating," Dreier said. "On the off chance that we discover life on an example from Mars, or some trace of life from the past, that would be one of the greatest disclosures in mankind's history."

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