India is providing hostile to malarial medication hydroxychloroquine to 55 coronavirus-hit nations as awards just as on business premise, official sources said on Thursday. 

Various nations including the US, Mauritius and Seychelles have just gotten the medication in the previous scarcely any days while a few others will get it continuously, they said. 

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Hydroxychloroquine has been recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration as a potential treatment for the COVID-19 and it is being tried on more than 1,500 coronavirus patients in New York. 

The interest for the medication has expand quickly over the most recent couple of days after India chose to lift a prohibition on its fare. 

In the area, India is sending the medication to Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh Nepal, Maldives, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and Myanmar, sources said. 

It isn't promptly known whether Pakistan looked to get the medication. 

India is likewise providing hydroxychloroquine to Zambia, Dominican Republic, Madagascar, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Niger, Mali Congo, Egypt, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Ecuador, Jamaica, Syria, Ukraine, Chad, Zimbabwe, France, Jordan, Kenya, Netherlands, Nigeria, Oman and Peru, the sources said. 

They said it is being sent to the Philippines, Russia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, the United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Urugway, Columbia, Algeria Bahamas, Mauritius and the United Kingdom. 

The sources said the medication is being sent to a few nations on a business premise while numerous others are getting it as India's awards. 

In an ongoing telephonic discussion, US President Donald Trump mentioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi to permit the offer of hydroxychloroquine tablets requested by the US to treat the developing number of coronavirus patients in his nation. 

India lifted the restriction on fare of the medication a week ago, almost fourteen days subsequent to forcing a prohibition on its fare. 

The declaration on lifting of the boycott came hours after Trump cautioned India of retaliatory activity if the medication isn't provided to the US. Indian authorities asserted that the boycott was lifted before Trump's comments.

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