Google today observed I/O 2019, its meeting second to none where they present the absolute most fascinating news they have displayed for Google, Assistant, Android and its most remarkable programming items, notwithstanding the Pixel 3a, its new mid-go versatile with Android stock. 

Increased reality in Google and Lens look 

In the first place, Google has begun the meeting with enhancements for Google Search, where you can associate with 3D objects from Search. For instance, in the event that we search for "white shark", we see a shark in 3D through the camera, having the capacity to see it from any point. There will likewise be intelligent 3D body parts, just as the opportunity to take a stab at garments. 

Google Lens will incorporate new highlights, for example, understanding the content of a photograph progressively, decipher it, or show us photographs identified with it. For instance, in the event that we are perusing the name of a dinner, photographs of it will show up. You can likewise change photographs into moving substance, or get more data in historical centers. Google Lens will likewise be accessible for Google Go, having the capacity to interpret content continuously and have it perused to us by the cell phone. 

The enlarged reality will likewise be accessible in the Pixel this year in Google Maps when we are on a course strolling in the application. 

Google Assistant is significantly increasingly extraordinary: more brilliant and progressively viable 

Google keeps on improving the voice collaborator, making it more astute and quicker. For instance, before you required 100 GB of information for the right hand, so the Internet was expected to utilize it. Be that as it may, presently they have abandoned it in just 500 MB, having the capacity to download it in the cell phone and doing the activities basically momentarily, being practically quicker than doing them with an idleness of very nearly zero (around multiple times quicker, for example, saying to snap a photo, to impart an image to a contact, and so forth. This improves performing various tasks, having the capacity to do a few activities by voice and others by tapping on the cell phone. This capacity will touch base toward the year's end. 

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As for Google Duplex, presently with Google Assistant, we can book any capacity or outing naturally. For instance, on the off chance that we tell it to lease a vehicle for the following excursion we make, it will do only it. 

The associate will be progressively close to home, having the capacity to get that in the event that we need to go to "mother's home", we are requesting bearings to go to our mom's home, and not to a particular Google Maps site that is designated "mother's home". She additionally sees progressively complex expressions, for example, "what time is she going to do at mother's home", or "make sure to purchase blossoms for my sister's birthday seven days prior", knowing Google when is her birthday and who is your sister. 

You will likewise know more data about us. For instance, on the off chance that we request that you prescribe the sustenance, it will be founded on our preferences, similar to the cafés we have visited. It will likewise prescribe digital recordings or occasions near us. At the season of mentioning formulas, you will recognize what kind of nourishment we need as indicated by the time. On the off chance that we request it at 2:00 p.m., it will give us proposals for snacks. 

At long last, we can likewise drop an alert essentially by saying "stop" in its English variant, without saying Ok Google or whatever else. 

New driving mode (Driving Mode) 

The Google Assistant will currently have a driving mode, having the capacity to utilize our voice to have another menu simpler to use in the vehicle. For instance, we can control GPS or music all the more effectively. For instance, in the event that we have a booking in an eatery, we will be consequently offered headings to go to it. Thus, on the off chance that we begin a digital broadcast at home, it will keep playing consequently. We can likewise let you know not to answer a telephone call. 

The driving mode will be actuated consequently when interfacing with the Bluetooth of the vehicle, or we can say it by voice with "alright Google, how about we drive". It will be accessible as of this mid year for clients who have it in English. 

In the event that you have a vehicle with an Internet association, it is likewise conceivable to advise the specialist to put the vehicle at 23 degrees so it is at a satisfactory temperature when you go up. Right now it will be accessible for Hyundai vehicles with Blue Link and Mercedes associate. 

Live Captions 

The sound to-content understanding that enables any YouTube video to have captions will presently be accessible for any video, regardless of whether it's played in the program or we have it in our exhibition. It additionally enables us to play any video without sound on the off chance that we are with other individuals, or it encourages us to tune in to whatever it is on the off chance that we have some sort of sound-related trouble. Additionally, together with Smart Compose, you can answer any call without tuning in to it. This will be done in the gadget possessing just 80 MB, and no information leaves the versatile. 

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New Nest Hub Max 

Google has acquainted the Nest Hub Max with bring together more control of our home, utilizing it as Nest Cam, similar to an indoor regulator, as a savvy speaker, as a screen, as a telephone to make calls with Google Duo (where the camera naturally tails us). The camera possibly initiates when you need, and there is a green light on the front when it is dynamic. The mouthpiece and camera can be deactivated through a catch on the back. 

The gadget permits having a few clients, naturally perceiving whoever is before the camera, demonstrating all their own data. Everything is handled locally on the gadget. Its cost will be $229.

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