Another recording from the up and coming Marvel motion picture, Captain Marvel includes a delicate however huge gesture to the post credit scene of a year ago's Avengers: Infinity War. The new film is in Russian and has been shared on YouTube in an accumulation of recordings that are being appeared as TV spots and trailers around the globe. 

When we last met Nick Fury in the Infinity War post credit scene, Thanos had swung him to slag like a large portion of the universe's populace. As he was blurring ceaselessly, he had the great sense to haul out a pager and send a crisis content to somebody. Before we would perceive what the content was, the pager's screen flashed Captain Marvel's badge. 

There was a trick to it however, Carol Danvers isn't guessed live in a similar time and on indistinguishable planet from Nick. So how might she have gotten his content? Was this an exceptional between time, between gallactic messaging administration? 

The new film from Russia reassures us that the pager was a genuine wellspring of correspondence among Fury and Danvers. We watch him whip out the pager as she gets some information about it. In another scene, he hands it to her upon her request. Could this be the start of their content benevolent kinship? 

Something else to note is the means by which distinctive the two pagers have all the earmarks of being. While the one from the 70s resembles any conventional pager with green screen, straightforward casing and keys, the upgraded one had a shading screen and a more steam-punk vibe. 

What without a doubt happens to Captain Marvel, her pager and in what manner will her time-traveling capacities help our vanquished legends, we will realize when Captain Marvel discharges on March 1 and when Avengers: End Game discharges on April 24.

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