Remembering the central lengths as often as possible utilized for realistic imaging, Canon has propelled seven new film prime PL-Mount focal points passing by the name of Sumire Prime. Related with flower tenderness and magnificence, the Japanese word Sumire (Soo-Mee-Ray), in this unique situation, implies the imaginatively satisfying look of the focal points, total with delightful skin tones and smooth bokeh. The focal points have been intended to be utilized with vast sensor film cameras, which incorporate 35mm full-outline cameras like the EOS C700FF Cinema Camera. 

The arrangement focal points consolidate brilliant T-stops and warm-shading symbolism Canon is all around famous for with an interesting optical structure. This accommodates an unmistakable look as the focal point opening methodologies its most extreme setting while it is all the while and quietly altering the textural renderings of the closeup of a human face, other than taking into consideration a smooth progress to the tumble off segments of the scene, therefore clearing path for a satisfying bokeh, an enthusiastic expressiveness, and inventive adaptability for that flawlessly vital scene. 

Kazuto Ogawa, president, and COO, Canon U.S.A., Inc. has remarked, "Sumire in Japan is the name of a blossom, and like the petals of a bloom, our focal points are most lovely when completely opened. This is the motivation behind the Sumire look. The input from cinematographers is significant and their voices have been heard uproarious and clear – they solicited Canon to present a set from PL-mount film prime focal points. We went above and beyond and our new Sumire Prime Lenses produce the wonderfully realistic and exceptional pictures experts want. We can hardly wait to perceive how the focal points will add to the craft of filmmaking." 

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The seven focal points framing the present arrangement incorporate 

  • CN-E14mm T3.1 FP X 
  • CN-E20mm T1.5 FP X 
  • CN-E24mm T1.5 FP X 
  • CN-E35mm T1.5 FP X 
  • CN-E50mm T1.3 FP X 
  • CN-E85mm T1.3 FP X 
  • CN-E135mm T2.2 FP X 

The highlights shared by the previously mentioned focal points incorporate 11-bladed iris and brilliant T-stops to enable clients to catch pictures including an all the more normally round bokeh at most extreme just as least opening. The odd number of iris cutting edges can be represented by the capacity to diffuse light beams and produce a frequently looked for after, creatively satisfying, true to life look, packed with hotter hues. The focal points, moreover, keep up consistency in shading balance all through the arrangement, in this way diminishing the requirement for post reviewing, notwithstanding when focal points are being changed every now and again amid creation. 

Moreover, the focal points are exceedingly sturdy and have been furnished with the equivalent decreased center breathing and remarkable operability as Canon's EF-Mount Cinema Prime Lenses. Physically working the focal points likewise furnish clients with the ideal opposition for rolling out exact improvements in core interest. The focal points likewise include a 300-degree center revolution edge, other than apparatus position that is steady over the arrangement which gets rid of the need to modify gear positions while evolving focal points. 

Cinematographer Matt Porwoll, having shot the first U.S. film with the focal points, has bore witness to, 

The new Sumire Prime focal points are the ideal mix of science and workmanship. The bokeh wakes up in manners that weren't happening with different focal points I've utilized. Focal point flares have a dynamic vibe to them, as opposed to carrying on in an equation based way. I wish I had these on my last task! 

The Sumire Prime Lenses can be utilized with the whole lineup of Canon Cinema EOS full-casing and Super 35mm 4K cameras, similar to the EOS C300, EOS C700 FF, Mark II, and EOS C200. Furthermore, they are additionally perfect with the most recent full-edge and Super 35mm PL-mount cameras from any driving producer. Furthermore, the Sumire Prime Lenses having tradable mounts implies that they can without much of a stretch be changed over from PL-Mount to EF-Mount at any Canon Factory Service and Repair focus, with a Canon agent having the capacity to give the administration or return to unique PL-mount upon solicitation at an extra expense. 

The official site for Canon US refers to the focal points' accessibility as "The Canon CN-E24mm T1.5 FP X, CN-E35mm T1.5 FP X, CN-E50mm T1.3 FP X and CN-E85mm T1.3 FP X focal points are booked to be accessible in Summer 2019. The Canon CN-E14mm T3.1 FP X focal point is planned to be accessible in Fall 2019. The Canon CN-E20mm T1.5 FP X and CN-E135mm T2.2 FP X focal points are booked to be accessible in Winter 2019/Spring 2020."

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