People from all walks of life and of all ages, at some point of time in their lives do experience some kind of diseases that affects them and causes trouble. Tumors may develop at any part of the body. But the one that is considered to be the most dangerous of them all and require immediate diagnosing and treatment of the issue is brain tumor. 

Why brain tumor is dangerous?

The truth is that tumors may develop at any part of the body including the brain. Fortunately, there are found treatments that can eliminate such issues. But, providing successful treatment to cure tumors that has formed within the brain region can be real challenging. Even surgeons find performing tumor surgery in the brain region to be a tough one. This becomes all the more difficult if the tumor is found to develop near any delicate part in the spinal cord or brain region. Research conducted in last few years has helped surgeons significantly to offer patients suffering from brain tumors with much improvised treatment options. Surgeries, these days, using the latest technology and sophisticated medical equipment and better procedures have only made even difficult surgeries to become more refined. There may develop different kinds of tumors that do respond effectively to chemotherapy. These techniques have been identified to offer targeted radiation therapy delivery, thereby improving survival chances among patients in majority of the cases.

Malignant & Benign

Tumors developing in the brain region may be either malignant or benign. The latter type may be eliminated and grow back seldom. Few of them however are found to press upon the brain’s sensitive areas, thereby causing serious health related issues. Such tumors at times can also be termed to be life threatening. 

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On the other hand, Malignant tumors comprise of cancer cells, which grow at a rapid pace and then divide quickly only to invade the brain’s healthy parts. They even are found spread across to the different body parts. 

Treatment offered

The best hospital for brain tumor in india can offer variety of treatments to patients showing such symptoms. But the treatment option to be provided will depend upon numerous factors, some of which are given below:

  • Tumor size, grade and type

  • Does it create any kind of pressure upon the other sensitive regions of the body?

  • Has it spread to other body parts?

  • What are the side effects noticed from the treatment availed?

  • Patient’s overall health

The fact is that few tumor types within the brain tend to grow rapidly while others grow very slowly. Depending upon your doctor’s action plan, the treatment options may include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery or their combination. 

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Brain tumor surgery

Generally, surgery is perhaps the very first approach that is used to treat tumors developing in the brain region. Eliminating the issue will help improve some neurological symptoms. Tissue is also provided to the doctor for ensuring further diagnosis. 

This form of surgery involves removal of the skull to operate the tumor. On successful removal of the tumor, the bones present in the patient’s body are used for covering the opening. At times, it may simply not be possible to perform the surgery due to the sensitive location of the tumor, where it becomes tough for the surgeon to reach or its presence close to any vital structure. Tumor surgeries in these cases are quite impossible as it may only put the patient’s life at great risk. In such cases, the doctor will try to explore other available treatment options. 

These days, there are available advanced techniques that are used by the surgeons to carry out brain surgery like the cortical mapping. It allows the surgeon to identify those parts of the brain which have the responsibility to control motor skills, speech, senses, etc. Doctors at the leading best hospital for brain tumor in India also are said to use more advanced and sophisticated imaging devices for mapping the tumor’s exact location. 

Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy are the other treatment options available to patients suffering from brain tumor. High energy rays are used in radiation therapy while drugs are used in chemotherapy to destroy cancer cells.

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