“It is the life of the crystal, the architect of the flake, the fire of the forest, the soul of the sunbeam. This crisp winter air is full of it.”

Love winters?

Love traveling?

Love mountains?

Want to have some adventure?

If the answer to these question is yes  then get ready to have an adventurous trek surrounded by  snow-capped mountains, oak, cedar, fur, and conifer forests and the sparkling snow all over this will take you to the frozen lake of Brahmatal so are you ready to go on an astounding trek which will spellbound you by its beauty…

Brahmatal lake is in Uttrakhand at 12,100ft. covered with snow all over. Uttrakhand is known for its alluring Himalayas and its natural beauty which attracts the people towards it and by taking the trek to Brahmatal you will experience everything that you desire from the Himalayas and from this amazing trek. It is believed that Lord Brahma meditated here for thousand years which makes this place peaceful and serene for everyone visiting here.

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How to reach

To reach Brahmatal take bus or train to kathgodam, both the modes are easily available. From kathgodam take a bus or hire a cab to reach Loha Jung. from kathgodam to Loha Jungi the distance is 222kms which takes 7-8hrs.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Brahmatal is in winter from December-February. The whole land is covered with snow which is a specialty about the Brahmatal trek. the monsoon season makes the trail slippery, causing landslides which leads to accidents and mishappenings so avoid visiting in monsoon season which may last till early december from may. In winters.

Difficulty level

The difficulty level of the trek is easy to moderate. Suitable for beginners as well. It is better to avoid the trek in monsoons as it is not the idle season to visit the Brahmatal lake at all.so as you move upward towards the higher altitude the air tends to become thinner which may lead to difficulty in breathing.

So it’s better to indulge in some kind of workout, stretching and train yourself.

About the trek

Lohajung is the base camp of Brahmatal trekking at an altitude of 7600ft. The interesting to know about the name Lohajung is it is kept behind the goddess Parvati who has fought the war against the demon, Lohasur. Take a bus or a cab to reach Loha Jung from kathgodam.you will be passing through the route of nanital and going to spot the beauties of Himalayas and the quick look of gharwal range in your way.

The trek begins at Bekaltal at an altitude of 9689ft.it will take 5hrs to cover the distance of 5.8km to finish the trek. The trail is well marked which will take you through the forests of rhododendron and oak,mandoli village, kali valley.

The trek begins with the steep climb passing up through the rhododendron and oak forest which opens up in grassland which will lead you at the height of 1150ft. and moving towards Brahmatal.it takes 5-6hrs to complete the trail of distance 7kms. Round the trek, you will be seeing the side of Nainital and Almora valley.

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Now comes the final part of the trek climb the summit. As you will pass through the forest and grassland you will reach the peak at 12,250ft above the sea level. In front of your eyes, you hold the most ravishing heavenly view of the mountains; mount Trishul, Nilkantha, Nandaghunti, and various other peaks to be spotted and appraise the beauty of the place. Have your time on the peak encapsulate the beauty inside you to have forever memories.

Get back to Loha Jung passing through the forest of oak and rhododendron. Take most of the place with to have an unforgettable experience.

Things to carry

  1. A backpack carrying all your items for the trek.

  2. Carry water bottle

  3. Snacks, energy bars, protein bars

  4. First aid box with all the necessary medicines.

  5. toiletries(sanitizer, moisturizer, lip balm, tissue paper)

  6. clothing(jackets, sweaters, trekking pants, gloves)

  7. 4-5 pairs of warm socks

  8. Sunglasses, sunscreen, hat/cap

  9. Trekking gadgets(trek pole, sleeping bag. Head torch)

  10. Wind coat or raincoat

  11. Carry extra money in case of an emergency.

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